Increase Your Sex Drive Naturally

One of the simplest and all-natural ways to to boost your sex drive is by carefully choosing the foods you eat. When you become aware of how food affects your state of being, you see how your choices either make you more, or less able to thrive, flourish and be at your best… especially when it comes to sex. You […]

Certified Humane, Now Available Near Me!

When I wrote Good Decisions Most of the Time, I talked about how certain animal products that bear the label “Certified Humane” are some of the highest quality products available. At that time there were few products available in my area for purchase so supporting these raising and handling methods proved to be difficult. I was ECSTATIC to recently find that […]

5 Steps to Improved Mental Clarity

Tired of forgetting where you put your keys? Can’t remember the name of your co-worker who has worked next to you for five years? Frustrated because you can’t seem to find the solution to a problem you have been working on for weeks? Mental fog is something we have all experienced at one time or another. Fortunately, it is something […]

5 Tips To Overcoming Sugar Addiction

There can be some very powerful physical and emotional hurdles involved in removing sugar from our diets. Eliminating the physical cravings is one thing, but if we don’t look at how we may be using sugar emotionally, we only win half of the battle and we may still be driven toward sugar.    Emotional Support If we have become accustomed […]

How to Cook Scallops Perfectly Every Time

The secret to succulent scallops begins with an open conversation with your local fishmonger or seafood counter regarding where they have come from, how fresh they are, and how they have been preserved. There are two types of scallops for your purchasing pleasure: Dry Dry packed scallops are what the high end restaurants use. These are high quality and more expensive […]