My Brilliant Fennel Noodles Idea

I was in the mood for pasta tonight, but didn’t want to deal with the gassy, bloated, crampy side effects that come with gluten-filled spaghetti. So I decided to use fennel as a pseudo noodle base on which to perch some of my favorite seafood items. This was genius because fennel in itself is a carminative. It’s a herb known […]

How to Cook Pork Tenderloin Perfectly

When pork tenderloin is cooked just right, it’s so juicy, tender and full of flavor. Yet if you’re anything like I was (until I learned a few tricks), for one reason or another you can never get it to come out right. It’s so frustrating! It’s either too dry, too bland, too this or, too that. Well, the search for perfection […]

Alien Peanut Bibimbap

Tonight I decided to honor a good friend on her birthday by creating a crazy version of Korean Bibimbap with traditionally fermented soy beans. I call it Alien Peanut Bibimbap because these slimy little nuggets seriously do look like an alien choked on some peanuts and hacked ’em up up after Sigourney Weaver pounded its back. . Now, I had never tried […]

Deconstructing Ketchup

With summer right around the corner my mind has begun to anticipate all the delicious summer foods that I love…. BBQ ribs, hot dogs, hamburgers and french fries. Hey, good decisions most of the time, right? One thing for sure is that I can’t have most of my favorite BBQ foods without ketchup. I’ve wanted to create a homemade ketchup recipe that would knock […]

A Healthy Take on Classic Coleslaw

Last year for the fourth of July I made a Napa Slaw with Spring Radishes and Sesame Peanut Dressing. It was absolutely delicious but this year I was craving good old fashioned classic coleslaw. I used to the stuff at barbecues because of the mayonnaise, but once I discovered you can make your own healthy version of mayonnaise at home, a whole […]

Liquid Fourth of July!

Ok, so I know what your thinking, how could water possibly taste like the fourth of July? Well…it just does! I mean all you have to do is look at this combination of fruit to all your senses will be feeling patriotic in no time. You can even use watermelon as a substitute for strawberries if you really want to […]

Nothing Like Grilled Organic Corn on the Cob

I love organic corn, but sometimes it can be difficult to get. So every year I wait patiently for organic corn on the cob to arrive at my local farmer’s market, and when it arrives I buy it like it is going out of style! I take it home and remove the kernels from the cob and freeze it for use […]

Not Your Mama's Canned Baked Beans

When it comes to baked beans I have to admit, I always have to add lima beans. Every year I tell myself, this year I will not add lima beans to my baked beans recipe, and every year I do it anyway! Maybe it’s the color variation that I like? Not like your typical canned varieties that’s for sure! Thank […]