Dorm Room Nutrition: Preventing the Freshman 15

While the “freshman 15” has gained it’s reputation from the excessive amount of drinking when beginning college, the reality is that it’s not just the beer pong that contributes to the trend of freshman weight gain. It’s also stress, lack of enough exercise, too little sleep, and most importantly, poor nutrition. Now, for those of you in college right now, I […]

5 Reasons to Eat Your Steamed Clams

I live in Seattle and one of the things I enjoy the most is driving up north to Birch Bay where you can pick up a shellfish license for $17 and walk out onto the tide pools with a bucket and a small shovel. You honestly don’t even need the shovel; all that is really required is a willingness to […]

How to Butterfly Cut a Whole Chicken

Butterflied chicken, also known as spatchcocked chicken, is a fabulous way to prep a whole chicken for the grill. Not to mention it is just plain fun to say the word “spatchcocked”! It can make your husband stop in his tracks when asking you, “honey, what’s for dinner?”, and have your kids giggling under the table. I enjoy imagining the […]