Bellevue Book Signing and Speaking Event

I will be doing a book signing and speaking event at Barnes and Noble in Bellevue Washington on Sunday the 17th of January, 2016. I will be talking about Emotional Eating: Why We Do it and How to Overcome it. Overcoming emotional eating is not only about managing our food intake; it is about managing our thoughts, beliefs, and emotions as […]

Lip Puckering Persimmons

I’ve always looked at persimmons with interest, yet have never tried one… until now. Some how I imagined it to be sweeter, juicier, and more of… well, mango like. So when I made this Persimmon Salad and placed the first bite of persimmon in my mouth, I was a bit taken aback. It immediately began to suck all the moisture out […]

Inner Conflict

I’ve been studying inner conflict and how it can prevent us from reaching our goals. For instance, if I want to lose weight but I am using food to fill an emotional need, weight loss can be very difficult to achieve. I am in conflict. For many years I wanted to lose weight, but used food and drink as a way […]