Digestive Bitters to Beat the Bloat

Do you feel gassy? Bloated? Do you ever feel like food sits in your gut after you eat a meal and wish you could just put a fire hose down your throat to flush it out? I have. Sluggish digestion is no fun, which is why this recipe for homemade digestive bitters may be one of the most valuable recipes […]

What is Herbal Medicine?

  Have you ever wondered, “What is herbal medicine?” If so you will enjoy my most recent article titled Herbs for Now and After the Zombie Apocalypse. I had so much fun putting together this workshop for a fabulous group of ladies near my hometown that I could not, in all consciousness, consider it work! And the feedback I got […]

Herbs For Now And After The Zombie Apocalypse

Hey, it could totally happen. And when it does you want to be prepared. That means having a first aid kit on hand that you can count on. A first aid kit that will not only support your symptoms and bring you relief, but one that heals wounds, prevents infection, boosts your immune system, relieves pain, and of course relieves […]

How To Make Your Own Salve

Salves are fantastic and so handy to have on hand anytime you get a cut, scrape, bruise, sore muscles, mosquito bite…and more! Salves are semi-solid at room temperature, yet soften when applied to the skin and tend to be less goopy than oils. Salves are created for a variety of external topical uses. Here are just a few of the conditions […]

How To Make Your Own Herbal Infused Oil

Making your own herbal infused oil is a wonderful way to preserve the medicinal properties of herbs. You can choose to use the oil as-is or include it in lotions, scrubs, salves, lip balms and more. The options for home remedies become endless! Plus, with the use of herbal infused oil, you don’t have to invest in expensive essential oils to […]