The Dark Side Of Wheat

Wheat has long been a dietary staple in our culture, but it may not be all it’s cracked up to be (pun intended). Wheat has a dark side, and we’re not talking about the color… we’re talking about it’s impact on your health. For starters, eating wheat bread increases your chance of developing diabetes, thanks to the high starch content. High […]

All You Can Eat #REALpumpkinspice Week!

  Ok, let’s be honest here… autumn is no longer symbolized by crisp breezes and crunchy colored leaves. Fall officially arrives with pumpkin spice. If you recall, the trend started a handful of years ago with an unsuspecting flavored latte and has now exploded into pumpkin EVERYTHING! Literally, everything. Take a walk through your grocery store this week and you’ll see pumpkin […]