10 Easy & Nutritious Kid-Friendly Snack Foods

As a busy mom, feeding your children healthy snacks can be a challenge. However, there are a slew of great ways to give your children the nutrients they need that are easy to pack into their lunches or use for on-the-go snacks. The following snack foods are filled with vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and antioxidants and can be prepared in just a […]

Agave Nectar, Friend Or Foe?

Agave nectar seems to be making a big appearance on the sweetener scene, but is it really good for you? Let’s find out… How It’s Processed And Refined When determining if something is good for you or not, one of the first things you want to do is look at is how it’s processed. While corn has certain healthful properties, […]

Free Hand Blender!

We are running a contest this week to see how our community is using real pumpkin spice. Not that artificial stuff, but the real deal. To encourage your participation we have shamelessly purchased a Cuisinart Hand Blender to gift to the member who gets the most creative with pumpkin spice. What is pumpkin spice? It is a combination of several delicious spices that […]


I love this time of year when the leaves turn color and cover the roads. I love it when I can see the leaves falling mid-air, or being stirred up when a car drives by. It makes me want to curl up inside next to a fire with and create healthy fall recipes using #REALpumpkinspice while sipping on a Hot […]