Are Dairy Products Good Decisions?

Dairy products are produced from milk and are a source of simple carbohydrates. There are healthy dairy choices and unhealthy dairy choices. Let’s learn the difference between the two. Most milk products, organic and conventional, have the potential to create mucus and inflammation. Lactase and Casein Some people have a low tolerance for milk because they lack intestinal lactase, an […]

How to Navigate an Unsupportive Partner

  How to Navigate an Unsupportive Partner   The first thing to keep in mind when navigating the following situations is that your partner has been your partner in crime sometimes for many years. You may have binged together, fallen off the wagon together, and now all that is about to shatter with this new way of eating. Ways you […]

The Birth of “I Got This”

  January 16th at 12:51pm a Good Decisioner on day 15 of her 30-Day No Sugar Challenge journey wanted to quit.   She had previously lost all the weight she wanted to lose, she experienced it: The energy, lightness of being, and the sheer joy of weightlessness. Until life had some major bumps and she plunged into the sugar to […]

Deglamorizing Sugar

So often I see commercials of people enjoying sweet sugary treats. An ad for sugar depicts a young girl with frosting on her finger, her eyes practically rolling back into her head. Another ad for ice cream depicts a woman escaping chaos in the background as she closes her eyes and sighs.   Is Sugar A Drug? Is Sugar a […]

The Root Cause of Addictions

The Root Cause of Addictions   Trauma   Trauma is defined as a deeply distressing or disturbing experience in which the person’s ability to deal with the experience is overwhelmed. This can be a one-time experience or a repetitive or enduring condition. Traumatic experiences may include mental, psychological, and physical trauma.   Almost all of us have experienced trauma at […]