Danielle Brooks is an experienced nutritional therapist, clinical herbalist, author, and professional speaker. She is the founder of Good Decisions, Inc., Redmond Nutritional Therapy, and Lake Washington Massage Therapy.


Danielle is the author of Good Decisions…Most of the Time. Because life is too short not to have chocolate. In this book you will find 51 nutritional nuggets, 48 delicious recipes, and the foundations of nutrition.

What really sets this book apart is that each chapter ends with “The Psychology of Food.” Tips, tools, and exercises that empower you to deal with powerful emotions that arise around food. After all, creating an eating plan is only half the battle. Implementing that plan is where this book excels.

Nutritional Consultations

Danielle’s career in health care spans over two decades. She is uniquely qualified and an expert in creating strategies to help her clients achieve their goals. Danielle creates customized eating plans, along with strategies to help her clients implement those plans. She enjoys facilitating an individual’s ability to transform his or her relationship with food. She inspires her clients to navigate the process of becoming their best selves by gently and effectively teaching her clients to embrace change and adapt not only to a new way of relating to food, but to a new way of relating to themselves.

Danielle reminds us that looking at our relationship to food is as important as the food itself. She utilizes many tools to help her clients self-govern effectively around food and emphasizes that food should be enjoyed, not something we feel guilty about.

“Like many women approaching forty, I found myself at a weight I wasn’t happy with, and rather than try all the fad diets I had tried before, I reached out to Dani and asked for help to manage my weight. Here are some of the other rewards from following Dani: energy all day (no crashes), glowing skin, healthy hair, weight loss, regularity, etc.… To this day, both my husband and I have changed our eating habits, not for weight control but to make us feel better and hopefully live longer.” — Wendy Miller, Client

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Public Speaking

When it comes to choosing a professional speaker for your next event, you will find no one more well-received than Danielle Brooks. She will engage your audiences or colleagues with her sense of humor, knowledge, and sincerity—and reignite their passion for living life more fully. Whether your audience is 10 or 10,000, in North America or abroad, Danielle Brooks will deliver a tailor-made message of inspiration and motivation for your meeting, conference, or classroom.

Danielle’s speaking and consulting philosophy is based on the understanding that people do not want to be “taught” or lectured to. Rather, people are hungry to “learn” how to have happier, more successful lives. As a result, Danielle’s style is to engage, share stories of achievement, and move audience members to see their own capabilities, remember their dreams, get into action, and achieve extraordinary results in their lives. If you are looking for a memorable speaker who will leave your audience wanting more, then reserve your event with Danielle Brooks today!

Sampling of Speaking Topics

Managing emotions and transforming our relationship with food.
Why weight loss is not about willpower
Increasing mental clarity in the workplace
Increasing energy, the adrenal connection
The process of becoming, embracing change, and adapting to loving you
The bugs within us; who’s really in charge?
Sugar, stepping away from America’s favorite addiction
Improving digestion, the ultimate nutritional foundation
Your herbal medicine cabinet: 20 must-have herbs
Finding freedom from judgments; we all do it, but why?

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“Danielle Brooks connects with people; she inspires her listeners to feel more empowered in their lives through her passion and authenticity. Her presentations have increased my business productivity and the health and wellness of my employees. She addresses the needs and issues many of us face.” — James Sol Radina, Entrepreneur

“Danielle works from truth and knowledge, creating lasting change and transforming the way people relate to food.” — Somer Nicole, DPT, Yoga instructor and retreat coordinator

“Danielle disperses nutritional wisdom quietly and delicately. The results are powerful, long-lasting, and delicious.” — Dr. Patti Mullen, ND

The Good Decisions Community

Danielle not only loves nutrition, but she loves to cook, and eat! So putting together this website from all of the recipes she has collected and adapted over the years has been very enjoyable. You will find that she frequently combines nutritionally dense foods with herbs, spices and other ingredients to increase flavor and nutrition. Healthy food doesn’t have to taste bad; in fact, it can actually be quite delicious!

Danielle is a voracious learner, and she loves to share what she learns on the Good Decisions blog. She posts frequently about overcoming emotional eating, expands on the psychology of food, and shares fun cooking tips she has discovered. She also shares recipes, nutritional insights, and loves to research food. Check in with us every week to discover our new All-Star food of the week!

Welcome to the Good Decisions Community. We hope you enjoy our website!


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