Welcome to Good Decisions… Most of the Time!

My name is Danielle Brooks and I’ve been a nutritional therapist since 2004. Over the years I have put together many custom diets for my clients to help a variety of issues. What my clients enjoy most are my menu plans, meal suggestions and recipes, it is their requests for more, that this website comes to you. It is designed to give them, and you all the resources you need to make “Good Decisions” regarding food and health.

I work with a diverse clientele and conditions ranging from diabetes, hormone imbalances, and poor digestion to adrenal fatigue, cancer, dysbiosis and weight loss. Weight loss and digestive issues are by far what I work with the most.

I love nutrition, but I also love to cook. So putting together this website from all of the recipes I have collected and adapted over the years has been very enjoyable. You will find that I frequently combine nutritionally dense foods with herbs, spices and other ingredients to increase flavor and nutrition. Healthy food doesn’t have to taste bad; in fact, it can actually be quite delicious!

I look forward to serving you, and sharing with you everything I know!

Yours in health,

Danielle Brooks, NTP, CH

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