Welcome! To Good Decisions…Most of the Time! 

Your gluten free, soy free and dairy free resource for healthy recipes! 

Because life is too short not to have chocolate or red wine, or whatever your favorite treat may be, I have titled the site, Good Decisions… Most of the Time. 

This is not a diet, which is only temporary. It’s a way of life. You don’t have to count calories or limit your portion sizes. The primary components of the Good Decisions way of life teaches you to eat healthy food, learn to be in tune with your body, and honor it by eating only when your hungry, and stopping when your body tells you to. The Good Decisions way of life is not about limiting intakes, but rather excluding unhealthy foods and incorporating nutrient-dense whole food, and learning how to self-govern effectively around food.

All Healthy Recipes

You will not find any unhealthy recipes on this site; it is designed to be a reliable resource for healthy recipes, nutritional information and other information regarding health. Most of the recipes you will find on this site are gluten, soy and dairy free.  We do this because they are common allergens and can be problematic and inflammatory for many people.

If your body does well with dairy you may click on the “Dairy” category recipe tabs to find delicious dairy recipes.

We Are a Community Website 

This is a community site, when you join the Good Decisions family you join a group of people who care about supporting each other toward reaching their health goals. There are no judgments here. Good Decisions is a trustworthy place you can come to for support, encouragement and all the nutritional information you need to not just make it through your day, but to thrive your way through it! We encourage each other to step into our unique and beautiful self, and to shine in our own well nourished skin.

Nutritional Resources 

Whether it is weight loss, mental clarity, improved health or you just want to take baby steps toward feeling better, you can choose from many of our healthy recipes and follow us on our current topics page. You may also use the search function to find nutritional topics that may interest you, share a recipe with a friend, or learn more about a certain nutrient or ingredient.

No matter what your health condition, I invite you to join the Good Decisions family, cook what we cook, and let’s take steps toward improved health and wellbeing together!

Good Decisions Core Values

We believe life is too short not to eat chocolate. We get it!

Enjoying different delicious foods is essential to life’s enjoyment
Life is also too short to be sick and tired all the time
The body is well equipped to handle the occasional indulgence when we make Good Decisions Most of the Time.

We believe the ultimate freedom is the freedom to self-govern effectively around food.

We strive to free individuals from the grips of food addiction.
There are biological reasons we are drawn to food: Euphoric endorphins, dopamine, and more
We are hard wired to seek out pleasure and avoid pain
The food industry designs food to draw us in

We believe any eating condition can be overcome if a certain level of conscious awareness is present. The Psychology of food!

We believe thoughts and emotions shape our lives.
How you think about yourself shapes your reality
How you think about food effects how you digest and metabolize those foods
Judgment neutrality: We don’t demonize any one food or individual
Honoring your body: Noticing how different foods make you feel
Eating only when you’re hungry
Stopping when your body is satisfied

We believe food in its most natural state, properly prepared as our ancestors have done for generations nourishes our bodies the best.

We eat real food that is not GM, overly hybridized, synthetic, processed, or refined
We eat foods that are appropriate for our individual body (Individual food allergies and constitutions taken into consideration)
We soak all grains and legumes for increased digestibility and absorption
We eat fermented foods!

We believe in increasing local communities ability to sustain themselves.

We believe in uncompromising Integrity.

We believe in you! 

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