• Finally Free

    21 Lessons

    Welcome to to your Finally Free Instructor Portal! The instructor who purchases this course will learn: How to market to fill the workshop How to be an effective coach How to teach the workshop How to keep it going and make passive income all year round  

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  • The No Sugar Challenge

    41 Lessons $27.00

    Welcome! To Your 30 Day No Sugar Challenge! You have chosen to step up to sugar and show it who is boss. Woot! Woot! Whether it is weight loss your after, mental clarity, decreased pain and inflammation, more energy, or more freedom around food, you are in the right place. You will experience all of…

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  • Overcoming Emotional Eating

    67 Lessons

    What You Can Expect From This Course   Weight Loss Has Nothing to Do with Willpower. In Fact, Weight Loss is Not About Managing Your Food Intake. I’d guess you’ve already tried managing your food intake to lose weight and lost that battle. In fact, you’ve probably spent more time, energy, and money learning about food,…

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