brussels sprouts

Brussels Sprouts Eating Contest!

When I was a young girl our family used to have brussels sprouts eating contests to see who could fit the most into their mouth at one time. My brother won at almost 20, then promptly ran to the bathroom to throw them up. Today we have discontinued that silly tradition, and despite our early years, no gag…

Herbed Wild Rice Stuffing with Mushrooms and Onions

Do the Stuffing Swap! Bye Bye Bread

Can you say Nummo!! This Herbed Wild Rice Stuffing with Mushrooms and Onions turned out so good I don’t think I will ever go back to a the classic bread variety! The mushrooms gave it a nice meaty texture and flavor, and the herbs just screamed Thanksgiving! Gluten free, dairy free and soy free, this…

Cranberries are a Girl's Best Friend

Cranberries are a Girl’s Best Friend

Why do we wait for Thanksgiving to enjoy the amazing cranberry? It is so amazingly good for you I don’t even know where to start! Between the antioxidants and anthocyanins (those healthy pigments that bust apart free radicals), these berries are an amazing food for disease prevention in general. They are also well known for their…

Lip Smacking Yummy Candied Yams

A Fresh Take on Candied Yams

Lip Smacking Yummy Candied Yams are another delicious request from one of our Good Decisions community members, Dianna! I left the skins on the yams but some family members protested this and suggested that I peel the yams before par boiling next time. Personally, I would torture them with the skins all over again since they contain so many…

pecan pie

Healthy Pecan Pie? Really?!

I am so happy with how this gluten-free Bourbon Maple Crust-less Pecan Pie turned out! It was a big hit with the family and while it is a much healthier version, it is still a decadent hit of sweet. Thanks to Dianna for requesting this healthy version of pecan Pie! At first I was unsure…

Protein vs. Carbs

Protein vs. Carbs: What Do You Need For Energy?

I’m sure you’ve realized that the food you eat on a daily basis can either elevate or depress your energy levels. Your food choices also play a role in whether you are focused and motivated, or calm and sedated. So what will actually provide you with sustained energy? Protein or Carbs? To experience this firsthand, pay attention…