whidbey island women's wellness retreat

Herbal Wisdom at Whidbey Island Women’s Wellness Retreat

Are you interested in Desire Maps, Loving Your Body, and Herbs for Now and After the Zombie Apocalypse? If so, join me and other women at the Whidbey Island Women’s Wellness Retreat on May 7th, 2016 from 9:30am to 5pm, for a day of self-nurturing, fun, and exploration! Participate in a day of celebrating the feminine and divine in…


Nutritional Therapy Association Annual Conference

Today will be a fantastic day! Join me at the 9th annual conference of the Nutritional Therapy Association in Portland Oregon from March 17-21, 2016. There will be many people speaking on many healthy subjects, including yours truly! You can look forward to hearing from Sarah Ballantyne creator of The Paleo Mom, Margaret Floyd author of Eat Naked: Unprocessed, Unpolluted…

potatoes and thyme

Potatoes and Thyme: A Perfect Pairing

I wanted to create a recipe for scalloped potatoes this year that was a little different so I chose my favorite herb to liven things up. It was lip-smacking tongue-tingling delicious! You forget all about the need for heavy cream or cheese in these puppies! Plus, potatoes and thyme go with everything. This is the perfect accompaniment…

easter ham

A Fancy Schmancy Easter Ham

I was playing around with my Easter ham again and came up with this fabulous recipe: Glazed Whole Honey Baked Ham with Figs, Lemons and Champagne Grapes It’s much different than my typical simple clove-studded ham and I have to admit that I was a bit timid to experiment at first, but it was actually…

help me name my upcoming online course!

Help me name my upcoming online course! Winner gets the course for free!

So I’m in the process of creating an online course of over 18 strategies and key concepts designed to help people overcome struggles with emotional eating, stress eating and binge eating. I will teach people how to listen to their hunger and satiation signals, eat consciously, and discover what it is that they are really hungry for… what…

somatoemotional release

SomatoEmotional Release: Discovering Pissy

I have a friend who is launching a new website on yoga and physical therapy and putting together some really great guided meditations on SomatoEmotional Release, which basically means the release of emotions stored in tissue memory. She sent me one of her sessions asking for some feedback, so today I created some space to…