Secrets for the Perfect Prime Rib

If you’re thinking about going all out with Christmas dinner this year, why not think prime rib? My brother-in-law usually cooks the prime rib on Christmas eve, so I rarely get the opportunity to cook it myself. He does such an amazing job that I wouldn’t dare compete! In fact this man has mastered prime rib…


Better than Grandma’s Green Pea Salad

Looking for something a little different this Christmas dinner to go with that perfect roast turkey? Look no further! Better than grandma’s version, this Green Pea Salad is made with homemade mayonnaise, which makes it feel like a splurge even though its not! Plus you just can’t go wrong with some bacon pieces tossed in there.…


How to Not Eat the Entire Box of Truffles

I walked into the clinic break room today and saw that the holiday gift baskets were starting to arrive. Everyone was beginning to share the holiday spirit by bringing in gifts of chocolate, candy, cookies, and …truffles. I did my normal double-take at the sight of the chocolate, and felt the little devil clamor up…


Sweet Potatoes on the Brain

Ok, call me nuts but I can’t seem to get sweet potatoes off my mind! So I just had to make one more post-Thanksgiving sweet potato recipe. This one can be made anytime of year and incorporates the the superfood kale. I hope you like it! Baked Sweet Potatoes with Kale and Walnuts BTW, I am already thinking…


Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

I just love Thanksgiving! It is the one of the few days a year when I allow myself to eat to the point of discomfort 🙂 All year long we talk about making Good Decisions Most of the Time. We look forward to that one meal a week where we can have anything we desire.…

gluten-free stuffing

The Search for Full Flavor Gluten-Free Stuffing

When it comes to stuffing I am a bit of a snob. Some people will turn their noses up at a glass of wine that may not meet their standards, while I will leave stuffing on the plate if my assessing eyes think it may be less than flavorful. You see, I grew up in a…