gluten-free stuffing

The Search for Full Flavor Gluten-Free Stuffing

When it comes to stuffing I am a bit of a snob. Some people will turn their noses up at a glass of wine that may not meet their standards, while I will leave stuffing on the plate if my assessing eyes think it may be less than flavorful. You see, I grew up in a…

a healthy twist

A Healthy Twist on an Old Favorite

This year I was craving a green bean casserole but the nutritionist within me revolted at the thought of canned cream of mushroom soup and processed fried onions. So I decided to mimic an old recipe but with a new healthy twist! I replaced the cream of mushroom soup with fresh shiitake mushrooms, bone broth,…

roasted sweet and savory yam

I Yam That I Yam

Yes, I am feeling a strong sense of presence this holiday season. It could be all the chocolate covered dates or the thought of pumpkin pie, or pecan pie, or perhaps it is meditating on the yam that has me feeling all peaceful and content inside. I love the holidays. It is a wonderful time…

the ultimate stuffed sweet potato

The Ultimate Stuffed Sweet Potato!

I love Thanksgiving and always look forward to creating new and delicious recipes to mix things up! This year I am having all kinds of fun with the sweet potato. I will be focusing on how to tickle your taste buds using natural sweeteners, unrefined sea salt, and good old fashioned butter. The food industry…

sugar addiction

The Downfalls of Sugar Addiction

I was feeling nostalgic today about my past and was recalling how for most of my life I was addicted to sugar. I hated the roll of fat above my jeans but I loved sugar… lots of sugar. Sugar was how I connected with myself. I didn’t discriminate. I loved ice cream just as much as I loved…

butterfly cut chicken

How to Butterfly Cut a Whole Chicken

Butterflied chicken, also known as spatchcocked chicken, is a fabulous way to prep a whole chicken for the grill. Not to mention it is just plain fun to say the word “spatchcocked”! It can make your husband stop in his tracks when asking you, “honey, what’s for dinner?”, and have your kids giggling under the…