good decisions hits a major milestone

Good Decisions Hits a Major Milestone!

Holy moly it has been a long road to publication! Even now, I am still learning the “ins” and “outs” of book publication, distribution, marketing, and all of the behind the scene details to publish a book. It’s enough to make you go cross-eyed! There have definitely been moments of frustration, but also many moments of joy.…

book of smoothies

A New "Book of Smoothies?" Who Wants It?

I have been spending time recently developing some great smoothie recipes. I have not released these yet onto the website because I am thinking of putting together an official “Book of Smoothies”. Here is a teaser… Almond Golden Berry Blast Serves: 4 I used dried golden berries in this recipe. These are like little gooseberries,…

certified humane

Certified Humane, Now Available Near Me!

When I wrote Good Decisions Most of the Time, I talked about how certain animal products that bear the label “Certified Humane” are some of the highest quality products available. At that time there were few products available in my area for purchase so supporting these raising and handling methods proved to be difficult. I was…

American Heart Association

A Shout Out From The American Heart Association!

We got a shout out today from the American Heart Association! How fabulous is that!

We are so blessed to be serving such an amazing group of people, and to be recognized by such a phenomenal organization.

Check it out here!


Gratitude and Upcoming Website Additions!

Many thanks to the 1000+ people who participated in the No Sugar Challenge! We received amazing feedback and ideas on how to make the challenge more successful, which will help us serve others better in the future. We will be developing this as a supported product and launching it sometime in April 2015. Community We…

Inspired by Chris Kresser

Inspired by Chris Kresser

I just heard Chris Kresser speak at the Nutritional Therapy Association 2015 Convention. This is a man making an immense impact on the world. Hi is a pioneer in the field of nutrition and is changing the way we practice medicine. It is refreshing to see that Chris is a practitioner who operates from a place of truth…