What unrefined sea salt do you recommend?

I order my sea salt online from Ava Janes. This is unprocessed and harvested by hand so it is grayer than your typical white bleached salt. It has one of the most impressive mineral compositions I have seen. I use the coarse ground salt for soups and stews and in dishes where the salt will dissolve, and the fine ground more expensive salt as a finishing salt added to the dish at the last moment.

Main Coast Sea Vegetables is also a great sea salt and sea vegetable resource Their products can be purchased at Whole Foods grocery stores or online. They have wonderful sea seasonings. I particularly like the Kelp Granules Shaker, which makes it easy to sprinkle iodine-rich kelp granules on eggs, salads and many other dishes. Dried kelp and dulse can be used as a salt substitute or in addition to salt. Sea vegetables are rich in iodine, a nutrient essential for good thyroid health. Supporting the thyroid gland improves metabolism and supports production of the thyroid hormones, which may improve sex drive. Dried kelp is a powerful way to become sufficient in iodine and can be mixed with unrefined sea salt in small amounts as a preventative measure against goiter.