Grow Your Practice with this Business-in-a-Box Workshop for Nutrition Professionals

Finally Free: Intuitive Eating and Empowerment Workshop for the Nutrition Professional

Millions of Americans try to change their lifestyle unsuccessfully each year. Those who succeed are often unable to maintain their positive changes.

We all have clients like this. I have customized eating plans for clients only to have them return weeks later unable to implement the changes in their everyday lives.

Here’s the missing piece: It’s not that we’re bad practitioners or that don’t know what we’re doing. It’s not that we’re not walking the walk, or smart enough, or capable. We just haven’t been taught how to deal with emotional eating.

Let’s face it, we are taught not to honor our bodies at a very young age.

Did your parents tell you to clean your plate? Or make you continue to eat after you were already satisfied?

They weren’t bad parents; don’t get me wrong, they just didn’t know about intuitive eating.

If, like me, you are having difficulty getting your clients to implement the practices you’re trying to teach them and if you are caught up in the three-session slump and struggling to find ways to grow your nutritional therapy practice–this workshop is for you.

``I signed up to be an instructor for Finally Free because I was looking for a way to bring lasting change to my clients, increased business income and new one-on-one clients. The workshop Dani has put together provides all of that.``

– Wilma Shaw, NTP, BCHN™

Finally Free: Intuitive Eating and Empowerment Workshops

With Finally Free, you can…

Help your clients discover how they use food to meet their emotional needs. Guide them into intuitive eating where they can discover what they really hunger for in life.

Teach workshops that empower your clients to move beyond guilt and shame, beyond dieting, and beyond the negative thoughts and limiting beliefs that keep us stuck.

Learn the little known secrets of how to overcome emotional eating and take your client to a place where they no longer need to feed sooth or avoid anything. Grow your nutritional therapy practice with a pre-built workshop to help your existing clients and drive new business

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Research shows that successful lifestyle changes lie in implementation tools and strategies.

Ditch the calories-in-and-calories-out model. Forget anything that has to do with deprivation, guilt, or shame.

Instead, learn science-based, valuable tools, strategies, and exercises that teach you and your clients the secrets of implementation. Show them how to write a new story and step into the lifestyle they desire.

As a Finally Free instructor, you will have access to an index of over 30 strategies designed to help YOU overcome emotional eating and step into your personal power. From this place, you will have much to teach.

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Are YOU an emotional eater?

Have you lost the battle of being able to self-govern effectively around food yourself? Are you teaching people to eat their vegetables during the day, then binging on pizza, beer, and burgers at night? Do you feel inadequate to the task of teaching others how to live the lifestyle they desire?

PERFECT! You are an ideal teacher! As you move along your journey you will be one step ahead of your students. Don’t let this scare you. It is through your own journey and experiences that make you the expert.

I know. I’ve walked in your shoes and faced the same problem. And I can honestly tell you that the best way to learn something is to teach it!

Dani Finally Free

It’s time to be Finally Free--It’s Easier Than You Think

I’ve studied the experts, and I took what has been proven to work and left what didn’t. I tested them at my wellness center in Seattle and, through the process of trial and error, came up with a workshop that absolutely works.

Through my own journey of becoming Finally Free from emotional eating and discovering what it is I hunger for in life, I have guided others on this journey with great results.

We condensed years of troubleshooting and years of personal experience into one easy-to-teach workshop Don’t reinvent the wheel, don’t struggle. Just follow our system! Our success has been hard-won, but we’re releasing this workshop so yours doesn’t have to be.

Become a Finally Free Instructor Now!

Good Decisions Has Helped Thousands

I’ve written a best selling book and worked with hundreds of people one-on-one.

I’ve worked in the healthcare field for over two decades and have over 800 doctors who have referred clients to us over the years.

I have built my business of 25 years using the relationship marketing strategies I teach in this workshop. I know how to build a thriving practice.

I’ve launched Overcoming Emotional Eating online courses and teach workshops at my wellness center.

Most importantly I LOVE mentoring others to do what I have done. I am a teacher. I am a mentor. I love helping nutritional providers become Finally Free of emotional eating and teaching them how to help others.

Building a Thriving Nutritional Therapy Practice Starts with You

Gone are the days of struggle. Gone are the days of wanting one thing and doing another. Imagine a life where you are at peace with food and your body and you are teaching others how to do the same thing. Imagine your perfect practice and teaching workshops helping your clients break free from emotional eating.

Imagine helping people step into their own personal power. Imagine a life filled with abundance and impact! So good!

Save Time and Make an Impact with your Nutritional Therapy Practice

Why should you invest all the time and energy trying to figure out how to market and grow your business when we come to the exact same solution?

Finally Free is a complete business in a box that enables you to quickly and easily build our own practice and teach workshops with relationship marketing (25 years in business has taught us that relationship marketing is easy, time-saving, and fun!).

What You’ll Teach

You will teach workshops designed to take your clients through 8 Steps to Lasting Change.

WEEK 1: This week is all about a 30-Day No Sugar Challenge, which takes you out of the cycle of food cravings and sugar addiction fast. You will also set your environment up for success. If you have an unsupportive partner you will learn how to get them on board.

WEEK 2: Learn how to tap into your inner resources. You’ll learn how to tap into your inner warrior, create a no thank you phrase, and create a mantra. This is designed to empower you and move away from the belief that you can’t, to a place where you know you can.

WEEK 3: Discover how you use food to meet your 6 emotional needs and find more fulfilling ways to meet those needs. This is where you begin to separate emotional hunger from physical hunger.

WEEK 4: Learn how to separate physical hunger and emotional hunger even further by teaching you how to eat intuitively. You will discover your hunger signal, your satiation signal and how to enjoy food without guilt or shame.

WEEK 5: The 30-Day No Sugar Challenge ends, and I guide you into the Good Decisions Lifestyle Guidelines. Because life is too short not to eat chocolate. 😉 I’ll show you how to tell which foods you’re sensitive to and how to move into the maintenance phase.

WEEK 6: This week is all about how to deal with the things that may get in the way of your long-term success. You will learn how to deal with your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions.

WEEK 7: Reinforces maintenance and you will get a glimpse of who you are beyond your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions. When you see who you are, you no longer need to feed soothe or avoid anything. You learn how to be Finally Free and at peace with food and your body.

What You’ll Get

ACCESS TO ALL FUTURE UPDATES: No matter how the workshop evolves or how it grows you will have unrestricted access to any and all updates. This ensures you continue to grow and evolve as the workshop evolves. It is most important to give you all the tools and resources you need to succeed.

INSTRUCTOR MANUALS: From your instructor dashboard you will have immediate access and be able to download the instructor manuals in word format. These walk you through teaching the workshops every step of the way. These materials are also available to you in branded PDF’s format for you to print and hand out.

PARTICIPANT WORKBOOKS: You will also be able to immediately download the participant workbooks. These are designed to facilitate growth and transformation. We may create booklets of all the manuals and workbooks  to be purchased for a minimal fee if the demand is there.

7 WEEKLY WORKSHOPS: You will receive 7 (2-hour) workshops to teach for the first 7 weeks. These are designed to empower your participants and help them discover how they use food to meet their emotional needs and find more fulfilling alternatives. You will teach them how to eat intuitively and deal with obstacles that get in the way.

10 MONTHLY WORKSHOPS: Overcoming emotional eating and stepping into your best self is not a 7-week journey. It is one that can take months and sometimes years. These workshops are designed to keep your participants in maintenance long enough to leave old ways of being behind. The goal: To guide your participants to a place of self realization where they no longer need to feed soothe or avoid anything. These workshops give you income continuity while empowering you to take your participants on their entire journey. You will receive 17 (2-hour) workshops to teach in total.

WEEKLY ZOOM CALLS: Each week there is a two hour in live Zoom call where I will teach you and the group how to teach the workshops. It will be like you are taking the workshop yourself where you will create your own stories and teach from your own unique perspective. These calls are very interactive and collaborative. If you miss a call you will have access to the recording. There are 17 Zoom calls total. These cover the 7 weekly workshops and the 10 maintenance workshops. Additional support calls are also available.

TIME REQUIRED: In addition to the 2 hour Zoom calls plan on setting aside a couple hours each week to prepare to teach your workshops. In the beginning while you are learning you will be creating your own stories to teach from your own perspective.

FACEBOOK SUPPORT: You will have access to an active instructor Facebook group page where you can engage with other instructors, ask questions, and post about your challenges and successes.

EMAIL SUPPORT: If you have a question and hesitate to post on Facebook you can email me directly. I am a teacher and mentor first and foremost and your success is most important to me. Therefore I make myself available to you throughout the training.

RELATIONSHIP MARKETING: Not sure how to market and grow your practice? I’ve owned my wellness center in Washington State for 25 years and will show you how to engage with the your local medical community and build relationships to fill your workshops and grow your practice.

COACHING THE COACH: Not quite sure how to take people out of emotional eating and into their best self? No problem. I’ve got you. You’ll learn how to be an effective coach, how to deal with a difficult participant, how to interrupt negative thoughts, limiting beliefs, and breakdown the stories that limit us.

BRANDED MATERIALS: All of your instructor manuals, participant workbooks and anything that advertises Finally Free will have our branding on it as it was created by Good Decisions. Any of your flyers, business cards, testimonials, referral pads, or anything you create will have your branding on it. We would be co-branded. If you are not the branding type and want to assume the identity of a sun out to light 1000 other suns we have all the materials you need ready for you to just print and go.

CO-CREATION AND COLLABORATION: I work in a collaborative fashion. You will have the opportunity to give feedback on what works, what doesn’t work, what needs clarification and how the workshop can be improved. The course will be made better by your feedback and input so be ready to collaborate and co-create!

POTENTIAL ONLINE TEACHING OPPORTUNITIES: We are in the process of creating a gamification platform to teach this workshop online. Once this is tested and vetted you can teach your participants online from anywhere in the world.

When Does it Start?

ENROLLMENT IS NOW OPEN!  You will have immediate access to your instructor dashboard where you can download all the materials you need to begin teaching. You will also have access to the last group of instructor training Zoom recordings so if you want to get started right away you can. Your first official training starts Thursday January 2nd at 4pm PST. So get ready to rock and roll and facilitate transformation! Trainings will be every Thursday from 4pm to 6Pm PST for 17 weeks.

Don't miss this opportunity to teach at a drastically discounted rate.

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Finally Free Weight Loss Workshop Beta Testers $4,970.00 Now Only $2,400

Notes From Some of Our Current Instructors

Dani created a program that not only helps participants get free of their insecurity and emotional dependency on food but the program itself is put together in such a way that helps the facilitators get Finally Free in their nutritional practices as well! For me Finally Free has opened my eyes into how a practice can work alongside other health professionals, including medical doctors, which is pretty awesome. It seems Dani has thought of it all and basically gives you a ‘practice in a box’ if you follow the plan she lays out and put in the work YOU WILL SEE RESULTS not only in your participant’s lives but in your practice as well. As an NTP in a Red State, I wasn’t quite sure of being able to make a go of it full time. Beta-testing Finally Free! has completely changed my mind in that regard and for that I am forever thankful to Dani and her amazing work. I can’t for my part in lighting 1000 Suns

Lauren Bohi NTP

This program has been life changing and helped me to awaken my inner warrior! For me, it’s not the food I needed freedom from, it’s the negative thoughts, limiting beliefs, and supressed emotions. One of the most freeing things has been slowly working through past trauma and letting go of my victimhood. I didn’t realize how much living in the past is effecting my present. And even though there is so much that is unknown right now and I have a long way to go, I look forward to changing my thought patterns every day, and I really do feel like I’m finally free. I look forward to stepping into my potential as a Finally Free Instructor and being a sun that lights a thousand suns!

Thank you Dani ❤️

Anthea Morris NTP

The gift of this program for practicing in a red-state is beyond measure. What Danielle has created is well within the limitations of the red state boundaries, while still allowing me to have an impact on the wellness of my community. Her program is powerful and has been positively received by my group in my state. I have seen how this program changes lives! I am a firm believer in Finally Free, and would encourage all red-state NTP/NTC’s to jump in. This is the platform we can use to touch lives, impact health, and illuminate ‘suns’ in our communities.
My dream as an NTP was to continue to light torches and pull clients out of their darkness, with this program I can!

Tiffany O’Loughlin NTP

I signed up to be an instructor for Finally Free because I was looking for a way to bring lasting change to my clients, increased business income and new one-on-one clients. The workshop Dani has put together provides all of that. Additionally, Dani provided the templates and experience necessary to reach out to the medical community in a strategic way that will continue to support my clients and business goals. I’ve taught two workshops thus far and am now in the maintenance phase with two separate groups and loving it! I am also using the new strategies in my life as well as with my one-on-one clients. I highly recommend becoming an instructor for Finally Free.

Wilma Shaw, NTP, BCHN™