Colima High Mineral Sea Salt

Colima High Mineral Sea Salt is the same salt that Danielle Brooks personally uses and recommends. It is 100% all-natural, unrefined, handmade, organically harvested sea salt.
Unfortunately the table salt found at most restaurants or maybe in your kitchen cupboard is heavily refined. This means naturally occurring salt is refined, bleached, and all kinds of unhealthy substances, such as anti-caking agents, are added to improve texture and shelf life.These chemicals that are added to improve shelf life interfere with one of salt’s main functions: to regulate hydration in the body.
The sodium chloride in table salt is highly concentrated, denatured, and toxic to your body. This is the same sodium  that big food processors use to salt their foods. It is usually 99% sodium chloride, the last 1% is saved for the anti-caking agents. Problem is – these anti-caking agents are essentially heavy metals, which are toxic to your body.
Refined table salt has aluminum, ferrocyanide, and bleach in it. It is best dumped out of the container as is suggested on the label trailing behind a very smart little girl. Not a Good Decision.
So what’s the alternative to common, nasty, iodized, sodium chloride and chemical laden table salt?
Sea salt, particularly Colima Sea Salt.
Natural sea salt contains 80+ trace minerals including potassium and it is only 92% sodium chloride. It is free of aluminum and other toxic substances. It also tastes better.  Sea salt is well known amongst chefs for its coarse, crunchy texture and superior ability to make any food taste amazing.
Colima Sea Salt is from La Laguna de Cuyutlán – the same place in Mexico where the Aztecs got their salt over 500 years ago. Traditional salt farmers harvest this salt using an organic, 100% renewable process (evaporated naturally by the sun) to protect the environment and wildlife. This makes Colima High Mineral Sea Salt a VERY Good Decision indeed.
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100% Natural Unrefined Sea Salt, Organically Harvested

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