Major Minerals

Minerals are inorganic substances that are found in the earth. They are the spark plugs of the body! Minerals play a key role in energy production, cell repair, balancing bodily fluids, and muscle and brain function. Minerals are required for the nerve impulses that are fired when we form a thought and for our muscles to contract as we walk. Minerals are also responsible for healthy bones and teeth, as well as transporting oxygen.

Classification of Minerals

Minerals are classified by how much the body requires. Major minerals (sometimes called macro minerals) are required in relatively large amounts. Trace minerals are required in smaller amounts.

Minerals cannot be created or destroyed. They move into our body through the food we eat, and move out of our body through our urine and feces.

Food Sources of Minerals

Animal sources: seafood and dairy

Plant sources: legumes, nuts, and vegetables

Let’s continue on to learn why each of these major minerals is so incredibly important for you health! First stop, calcium.

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