Overcoming Emotional Eating

Are You Ready To Get Off The Emotional Eating Roller Coaster Ride?

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Weight Loss Has Nothing to Do with Willpower.

In Fact, Weight Loss is Not About Managing Your Food Intake.

What would you spend to not feel deprived, to let go of the struggle and emotional highs and lows of emotional eating? There are men and women who have spent their whole lives dissatisfied with their bodies and never experience peace with food. But when you are willing and ready to get off the overeating roller coaster, change is possible.

There is a way you can overcome food cravings, binge eating, and regain control.

You’re not lazy, you don’t need more willpower, and you definitely don’t need another diet.

Instead of following a restrictive diet, the Good Decisions Evolution Strategies show you how to make deep, lasting changes that gets results AND actually feel good! After all, food is meant to be enjoyed!

“Danielle works from truth and knowledge, creating lasting change and transforming the way people relate to food.”
Somer Nicole, DPT, Yoga instructor and retreat coordinator

This Course is Available For Pre-Sale Only. To Be Release in June 2016
The Evolution Strategies

These strategies will unlock the door to the body that you want, the happiness that you want, and the life that you deserve.

In the past we believed that calories in and calories out was the holy grail of weight loss. Today we know there is more to weight loss than calories. Today we have some amazing new strategies that can be used to calm the chaos, ease compulsions, and evolve your relationship with food. And the number of strategies we have to reach for keeps growing and evolving!

When you know these strategies, you have an arsenal of resources to shoot down cravings, compulsions, or chaotic stressful events. When you have what you need to self govern effectively around food, it changes everything.

I’m Danielle Brooks. I’m a nutritional therapist, clinical herbalist, and author of Good Decisions Most of the Time. Because life is too short not to eat chocolate. (Isn’t that the truth?) I’ve spent the last twelve years helping myself and others regain control, and overcome emotional eating.

Overall, from my heaviest weight to my resting point now, I have lost 30 pounds and have stayed within 5 pounds of that weight for over 5 years. Food is no longer something I reach for when I experience stress, anxiety, fear, or when I feel inadequate or insecure. And the beautiful part is that I don’t feel deprived at all and I eat whatever I want.

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This Program Will Be Valued at Over $300

Whether we eat because we seek comfort, a release from stress, to avoid pain, or because “we deserve it.” Emotional eating is an indicator that we are out of balance with ourselves, that something is wrong and needs correcting. Emotional eating is an indicator that we are hungry for something other than food.

One of my clients came to me a year ago feeling out of control and helpless around food. She would sneak food, overeat, binge eat and hide food in her car so she could eat when no one else was around. She was tired, and had already tried several diets before finding me. She had managed to lose weight in the past, but always gained it back. She had a very successful career and a loving family, but food was her kryptonite. 

After just 2 months she was no longer sneaking or hiding food. She would still binge eat, but was not doing it as frequently and was able to stop eating much sooner, and began to slowly lose weight. After 6 months she had lost 42 pounds. Today her body has found its natural resting place and she loves eating more than she ever did before. 

But do you know what she say’s is the best thing about the Evolution Strategies? She say’s, “I never knew what it was that I was really hungry for. Now that I know, my life is fuller, not my stomach.”

The Evolution Strategies are designed to evolve your relationship with food and in doing so, evolve your relationship with yourself. These strategies and resources will empower you to create an extraordinary life.

What You Can Expect From This
  • To expand your identity and develop the capacity to self govern around food effectively.
  • To discover what it is you are really hungry for.
  • To overcome difficulties and regain your sense of control.
  • Strategies to support you in any food situation
  • Action plans to create lasting change in your life
  • A program that constantly evolves, improves, and provides ongoing personal development and training.
  • A program that will evolve your relationship with food and yourself.
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This Course is Available For Pre-Sale Only. To Be Release in June 2016

The ability to self govern around food is attainable. When you have the right strategies and know how to tap into your inner strength, lasting change is possible.


“Like many women approaching forty, I found myself at a weight I wasn’t happy with, and rather than try all the fad diets I had tried before, I reached out to Dani and asked for help to manage my weight. Here are some of the other rewards from following Dani: energy all day (no crashes), glowing skin, healthy hair, weight loss, regularity, etc.… To this day, both my husband and I have changed our eating habits, not for weight control but to make us feel better and hopefully live longer.”
Wendy Miller, Client

“Danielle Brooks disperses nutritional wisdom quietly and delicately. The results are powerful, long-lasting, and delicious.”
Dr. Patti Mullen, ND

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This Course is Available For Pre-Sale Only. To Be Release in June 2016