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Want support after the workshop training is over? Want continued access to Dani and all the support she provides? Join Tribe!





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Zooma Zooma Zooma Zoom!

Once you have gone through the workshop training don’t go it alone. This membership gives you access to the creator of Finally Free once a month on a zoom call to answer any questions you might have and get continued support.

Tribe is designed to keep up the momentum you’ve gained. Tribe inspires, encourages, and uplifts not just short term, but for the long term.


Quality Emails

There is too much to teach in just one course! When you join Tribe you will be added to an email list that delivers strategies on how to coach more effectively, grow your business, and more. Here is an example of some of the topics:


  • How to Inspire and Lead
  • 10 Step Killer Consult
  • Business Resources
  • Relationship Marketing


Receive Special Discounts

You will also get special discounts on cool goodies that other companies give Good Decisions to promote.These products are researched extensively. From sprouted oats and raw honey to what protein powder is really healthy. Don’t worry. I NEVER recommend a product I don’t believe in and don’t consume myself. I take The Good Decisions reputation very seriously.


Oh! And you get one free month to check it out. If it doesn’t jive, just cancel.


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