Good Decisions (Hard Cover)


Delicious recipes, fun nutritional nuggets, cooking tips, and why weight loss is not about willpower.

Good Decisions transforms your relationship with food, one delicious bite at a time!


 Delicious Nutritional Advice

Amidst a plethora of weight-loss pills, plans, schemes, and an ever-evolving encyclopedia of what we should and shouldn’t eat, obesity is on the rise, and the litany of complications that come with it are over-burdening our lives— and our healthcare systems. Nutrition doesn't have to be complicated. It can actually be quite simple, and mouthwateringly delicious!


Overcoming Emotional Hurdles

Danielle reminds us that looking at our relationship to food is as important as the food itself. “While Good Decisions is primarily about nutrition— which foods are healthiest, which are best avoided— what really sets it apart is that it provides readers with the tools needed to overcome emotional hurdles that are inevitably linked with any dietary changes.”


Clear, Easy to Follow Guidance

There are no rules, no calorie-counters, and no portion control in Good Decisions. There are, however, “nutritional nuggets”— fun and informative facts about food that readers will find both helpful and entertaining, and clear, easy-to-follow guidance that will resonate with anyone who has struggled with his or her feelings about food.


Among the topics Good Decisions addresses are:

  • The foundations of nutrition: How to regulate blood sugar levels and improve digestion
  • Why weight loss is not about willpower
  • Increasing mental clarity
  • Sugar: Stepping away from America’s favorite addiction
  • Managing emotions: What works and what doesn't
  • Finding freedom from judgments; we all do it, but why?
  • The “fountain of youth” that will cost you nothing
  • Increasing energy: Which foods energize and which foods don’t
  • Grains: To soak or not to soak?
  • Cooking tips for the challenged chef



“Good Decisions...Most of the Time has a fresh approach to nutrition education. I liked being able to skim it for ‘nutrition nuggets.’ The recipes were helpful to get one started eating in a new way. The rationale for what food type or micronutrient being discussed was clear. This book should be helpful to health providers and patients alike.” — Janine Cooley, MD

“Danielle Brooks disperses nutritional wisdom quietly and delicately. The results are powerful, long-lasting, and delicious.” — Dr. Patti Mullen, ND, LMP, Owner Panacea Natural Medicine

Good Decisions...Most of the Time is like an encyclopedia dedicated to healthy-eating. I encourage you to read it all the way through, but you can also use it to find info on whatever you want, whether it’s how to reduce the gas effect of vegetables or which grains to eat. And best of all, it offers practical, doable advice, and author Danielle Brooks understands we’re going to eat that piece of chocolate some of the time.” — Tyler R. Tichelaar, Ph.D., and award-winning author of Narrow Lives and The Best Place

“I really love this book. So much information on not only what to do, but why! And the psychology behind why we may struggle and how to sidestep those pitfalls or just learn from them has been huge for me to make better decisions. The results I've seen from just the small changes I've made have been amazing. I have never given a product review before but this book needs to be read. — Amazon Customer


About the Author

Danielle Brooks is an experienced Nutritional Therapist, Clinical Herbalist, Author, and Professional Speaker. She is the founder of Good Decisions, Inc. and Redmond Nutritional Therapy. Danielle currently practices nutritional therapy in Washington State. She is a member of The American Herbalists Guild, Nutritional Therapy Association, and the Association of Washington Business.

Featured on ABC with Helen Raptis and Women’s Radio Network with Sonia Williams, Danielle spends her time working with clients, traveling and speaking about nutrition, and researching new nutritional and herbal protocols.

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