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We all know how to lose weight. What we don’t know is how to keep it off. In order for you to step into skinny or reach your health and wellness goal long term, you need to stay in the maintenance phase for at least one year. That is what this membership is designed to do. Keep you on the wagon until your lifestyle changes become a way of life, and you no longer think about food or your body.





Why Join Our Monthly Membership?

Many Tribe Members enter this membership after our 30-Day No Sugar Challenge and are moving into the Good Decisions Lifestyle Guidelines. Tribe is designed to keep up the momentum you’ve gained. Tribe inspires, encourages, and uplifts not just short term, but for the long term.


What You’ll Get

  • The Good Decisions Lifestyle Guidelines
  • One strategy every week via email
  • Access to your own Nutritional Therapist
  • Special discounts on products
  • Join our Private Facebook Support Group

Oh! And you get one free month to check it out. If it doesn’t jive, just cancel.


Tell Me More

The Good Decisions Lifestyle Guidelines

How do skinny people do it? Eating healthy is a way of life. They follow certain guidelines and make healthy decisions, Good Decisions… Most of the Time. They know life is too short not to eat chocolate so they make space for indulgences, but are not controlled by them. Tribe follows the Good Decisions Lifestyle Guidelines and philosophy that empower you to self govern around food effectively.


Get One Implementable Strategy Every Week

You’ll receive one strategy or insight weekly. We won’t overwhelm you, instead we give you time to implement each strategy before sending you another one. This membership is designed specifically to keep you in the maintenance phase long enough to make peace with food and your body. We believe that when you have the tools and strategies you need, you can jump over any hurdle, any struggle, and achieve your wildest dreams! These emails deliver the tools and strategies.


Your Own Nutritional Therapist

You can ask your nutritional therapist any question in the Private Facebook Group, or respond to any of the emails sent to you from Tribe. Yup! As a Tribe Member you have access to your own Nutritional Therapist.


Connect With Others Just Like You

Good Decisions Tribe is a community of individuals who are challenging sugar, overcoming emotional eating, and experiencing the highs of achievement and the lows of falling off the wagon. However, when you fall off the wagon it doesn’t take off. It waits for you to get back up, wipe the chocolate off your face, smile, and hop back on.


Reach Your Objective

The Good Decisions Tribe strives toward very specific and tangible goals. We’ve been overweight. We’ve struggled too. We know because we’ve been there. There is nothing worse than feeling overweight and lethargic. The good news is you’ve probably lost weight before, you just didn’t stay with it long enough for it to become a part of life. Tribe is designed to walk you through the valley of temptation long enough to not only reach your goal, but to make taking care of yourself a part of your every day life.


Reach Maintenance

Maintenance is when you have had patience and persistence and the new habit, over time becomes a part of who you are; thin, vivacious and healthy.  Someone who loses weight, then gains it back is typical of people who ignore the importance of maintenance. It takes an average of 6 months of concerted action before you may be ready to move into maintenance. This is where Tribe membership excels. It helps you get momentum and keep it.


Inspire, Encourage, and Support

Our tribe comes together to get support, share successes, ask questions, and laugh about the journey we are all on. Our members share a passion for wanting to achieve the goal that has been elusive for so long. The Big Harry Audacious Goal! The “Best Self”, “Higher Self”, “Ideal Body,” whatever you want to call it, Good Decision Tribe members share the sincere desire to step into the best version of who they are. Some are passionate about creating new recipes, some are passionate about avoiding cooking at all costs! All are passionate about finding a way that works for them.


Celebrate Termination

When you have spent 6 months in maintenance you reach termination. This is when you are spit out at the end, after it is all said and done and you no longer think about food or your body. You are making Good Decisions… Most of the Time and your body is well equipped to handle the occasional indulgence. You self govern around food extremely effectively and the strategies you received and practiced every week have paid off.


Receive Special Discounts

You will also get special discounts on cool goodies that other companies give Good Decisions to promote.These products are researched extensively. From sprouted oats and raw honey to what protein powder is really healthy. Don’t worry. I NEVER recommend a product I don’t believe in and don’t consume myself. I take The Good Decisions reputation very seriously.


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