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Good Decisions Tribe is a $20 monthly membership that gives you strategies, tips, inspiration, and support to help you move into the Good Decisions Lifestyle successfully. You’ve taken the No Sugar Challenge, it’s now time to move into the lifestyle. Don’t worry, we’ve got you!





Common Goals, Common Struggles, Uncommon Strength and Dedication.


Tired of losing weight and then gaining it back?

So many of us know how to lose the weight, it’s the keeping it off that’s the hard part. If you’re frustrated, exhausted and ready for something that will help you get out of this weight loss mess, you’ve come to the right place.


So often we look outside of ourselves for guidance on how to lose weight. We look to the Atkins diet, the Paleo diet, the Keto diet. But no one has taught us how to stop looking outward and start looking inward. What if you didn’t have to follow anyone else’s guidance system but your own?


Tribe Reveals How to Change for a Lifetime

  • Extensive Research has shown that deprivation doesn’t work.
  • When we deprive ourselves of our favorite foods we don’t enjoy life. Who want’s that? I don’t know about you, but I can’t imagine a life without Doritos!
  • Research has also shown when we give ourselves too much leeway we lose any gains that we have made. Tribe follows the Good Decisions… Most of the Time lifestyle Guidelines, which empowers you to have your cake, and eat it too.

You’re Not Alone

For years we thought if we could just get off sugar and out of the addictive cycle it would be enough. But it’s not.

So, if you’ve been able to ditch sugar in the past, then just got lured back in, you’re not alone. We faced this problem too and it slowed our growth for many years.

Sugar serves to comfort us, it helps us celebrate, and enables us to connect with those around us. This is why it’s so hard to give it up. Removing sugar is like removing a security blanket, it’s like removing our ability to love and connect with others and ourselves.


The Solution Is Simpler Than We Thought

  • Turns out once we figured out how to resolve this inner conflict avoiding sugar and other foods became easy.
  • Once we learned how to separate feeding our emotions and feeding the physical body, eating got simple. The body get’s hungry, and you feed it!
  • No guilt, no shame, just simply nourishing the physical body.


We’ve Helped Hundreds Make Peace with Food

  • We’ve helped thousands get off sugar
  • We’ve helped hundreds overcome emotional eating
  • We’ve sold thousands of best-selling books in the process
  • Now we want to share the secrets of our success.


The Benefits are Overwhelming

  • Invest $20 month so you can finally put down the fork
  • Get more support, more strategies, and more encouragement with a Tribe subscription.
  • Learn what’s holding you back from your dreams then make that dream a reality.
  • Discover how you use food to meet your emotional needs
  • Discover how to stop the chaos and compulsion and return to a sense of peace and control.
  • Learn how to eat intuitively and tap into your own inner guidance. We really do have all we need inside of us. You will learn how to access it.
  • Connect with others who are on this journey with you.
  • Get the Good Decisions Lifestyle Guidelines
  • Receive Special Discounts


You will also get special discounts on cool goodies that other companies give Good Decisions to promote. These products are researched extensively. From sprouted oats and raw honey to what protein powder is really healthy. Don’t worry. I NEVER recommend a product I don’t believe in and don’t consume myself. I take The Good Decisions reputation very seriously.


1000 Satisfied Customers Can’t Be Wrong

Dear Dani, thank you for Good Decisions. You are a fairy godmother who has the magic wand and sweet and good advice and lots of love and encouragement for all of us traveling the road. Mainly you respond to questions promptly, cheer on lovingly and present us with all the information we need to get our eating life together when temptation is around every corner. Thank you so very much for you excellent work and helping hand. I would recommend Tribe to anyone. -Sincerely, Nancy Connolly Blum


I’ve had weight problems most of my life. I took the 30 day challenge, and then joined Tribe. Now no sugar no caffeine, just water with lemon, and I’ve lost 38 pounds! Most importantly I enjoy eating and am making peace with food. I no longer feel out of control, and am able to quiet the chaos and compulsions with the strategies I’ve learned in Tribe. I love your and am preaching you all over Florida! –Tribe Member


On my last day of the No Sugar Challenge and am looking forward to joining Tribe. I am feeling a lot healthier and am going to keep going. I know Tribe will help me make this a lifestyle. I now believe I can keep the weight off for good. I don’t know if there is any connection but no more hot flushes at night and am sleeping much better. Have lost 16 lbs. so clothes are fitting much better, some too big! Received your book today. Good Decisions most of the time is my new bible. – Trish


With The Good Decisions Tribe Membership You’ll Get:

  • The Good Decisions Lifestyle Guidelines
  • One Implementable Strategy Every Week
  • Inspirational and encouraging emails
  • Access Your Own Nutritional Therapist via Facebook
  • Discounts on The Good Decisions Product of the month
  • Access to the Tribe Private Facebook Group
  • Random Gifts (we like surprises)


Common Goals, Common Struggles, Uncommon Strength and Dedication.

The only thing worse than failing is not trying at all. Regret only happens when people don’t invest in themselves and put them first.


  • 100% Money back guarantee.
  • Sign up today and get your first month Free.
  • Consider it a 30 Day test drive and if it doesn’t jive, just cancel


Our tribe comes together to get support, share successes, ask questions, and laugh about the journey we are all on. Our members share a passion for wanting to achieve the goal that has been elusive for so long. The “Best Self”, “Higher Self”, “Ideal Body,” whatever you want to call it, Good Decision Tribe members share the sincere desire to step into the best version of who they are. Some are passionate about creating new recipes; some are passionate about avoiding cooking at all costs! All are passionate about finding a way that works for them.


Good Decisions Tribe is a community of individuals who are challenging sugar, overcoming emotional eating, and experiencing the highs of achievement and the lows of falling off the wagon. However, when you fall off the wagon it doesn’t take off without you. Tribe is a community that stops and cheers for you to get back up, wipe the chocolate off your face, smile, and hop back on.


We’re waiting for you!

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