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Weight Loss Has Nothing to Do with Willpower. In Fact, Weight Loss is Not About Managing Your Food Intake.

I’d guess you’ve already tried managing your food intake to lose weight and lost that battle. In fact, you’ve probably spent more time, energy, and money learning about food, counting calories, and starving yourself than you ever wanted.

While you may be telling yourself that you are lazy, and just need more willpower, I am willing to bet a New York cheesecake that this is simply not true. You have just not been given some of the key strategies that can take the struggle out of weight loss.



This course is designed to evolve your relationship with food and in doing so, transform and evolve your relationship with yourself. We provide the strategies and resources that will empower you to create a truly extraordinary life.

What You Will Learn:


  • How to eat intuitively
  • You will discover what you really hunger for in life
  • How to switch off old habits and create healthy new habits
  • To resolve inner conflict and fear
  • How to deal with your unruly mind
  • Develop the capacity to self-govern around food effectively
  • Strategies to support you in any food situation
  • How to create your fabulous future
  • Discover your higher purpose

You can expect that this program will constantly evolve, improve, and provide ongoing personal development and training. We don’t give up on you, and we never stop growing and giving.


You Will Become Outstanding At:


  • Finding peace and comfort in your unique and authentic self
  • Tapping into your inner strength and courage
  • Utilizing empowering resources in any food situation
  • Breaking through barriers that have kept you stuck
  • Self-governing around food effectively
  • Communicating with yourself in a loving way
  • Loving and connecting with yourself and others without food
  • Operating from truth, knowledge, and your own inner values
  • Turning your dreams into reality

Isn’t it time to get off the emotional eating roller coaster ride?

What We Are Developing


A 7 week course that contains over 38 lesson filled with strategies, tools and key concepts.

Each module contains:

  • Video training for each module
  • Key concepts/strategies
  • Journal exercises
  • Workbook homework
  • Discussion/community support

Everything is delivered, step-by-step, in a way that won’t overwhelm you or add unnecessary stress.

Good Decisions is seeking Beta Testers Only at this time. If you would like to take the course for a reduced price in exchange for feedback and one-one-one support, you can purchase the program today for half price.

(Available at this price only until June1st 2018)


The program starts for Beta Testers June 1st 2018.