Bulletproof Coffee


Put all ingredients in a cup and using a Hand Frother, blend on high speed for 20 seconds until frothy. Drink immediately and enjoy the energy, while feeling grounded!

*Alternatively you could use a hand blender or an upright blender and get the same results.


Is Coffee a Good Decision?

This is a tough question. Personally, I love the taste of coffee, the smell of coffee, the ritual of coffee, but I have never liked the way it makes me feel dehydrated and just plain bleh afterwards. So I avoid it… Most of the Time

There are many people who love coffee and claim it does not affect them adversely. Much of the research out there does suggest that coffee consumption is beneficial. Much research also suggests it is not. But everyone is different and whether coffee is a Good Decision or not really depends on each individual and the many variables that are too numerous to list.

Now, to be honest I have enjoyed the occasional housecleaning day where I would jack up my adrenals with coffee and clean the crap out of my house. But other than that, the wired, jittery feeling from coffee doesn’t sit well with me.

I typically don’t recommend coffee and don’t feel it is a nutrient dense beverage, which is what Good Decisions is all about. But people are pretty passionate about coffee and allowing it can make the difference between getting someone onboard a healthy regimen or not.

So to this end, this post is about what to add to coffee so it balances out the adrenal stimulating, dehydrating, nervous system stress bomb that coffee can be for so many people.


Organic Coffee

First and foremost, ensure that the coffee beans you use are organic and free of pesticides and toxins.


Sugar Free

Second, adapt to coffee without any added sugar. Adding sugar to coffee is a double whammy that will paralyze your immune system and whack your adrenals at the same time. Best not to do it. The following recommended substitutions are much better decisions.


Coffee With Organic Heavy cream

If you like your coffee sweet and the idea of removing sugar from your daily cup of Joe is terrifying, try using heavy cream instead. This is not only very sweet, but abundant in healthy fat, which will offset some of coffee’s effects. One caveat here; be sure that you are not sensitive to dairy and it is not mucus producing for you. If you drink or eat dairy and get mucus buildup in your throat, odds are dairy is causing inflammation and may not be a Good Decision for you.

Here is an article on How to Tell If You Are Sensitive to Dairy.


Butter Coffee

If you love sugar and are sensitive to dairy, your palms might be getting a bit sweaty right about now. But don’t worry; I got you. Many people who are sensitive to dairy tolerate grass-fed butter because much of the casein and lactose has been removed from butter. Very Important to use grass-fed organic butter. Butter coffee is all the crave right now and I have to admit, it’s pretty tasty and offsets coffee pretty well. They key is using a Hand Frother or hand blender or even an upright blender to emulsify the butter and blend it into the coffee so it tastes like you added cream


Coffee and Coconut oil

Coconut delivers some fabulous medium chain triglycerides, which are great for your immune system, mental health, cell membranes, and much more. Similar to butter, at first blush you would crinkle your nose at this until you taste it. Delicious, but better with butter. You also need to use a blender for this. It won’t emulsive as much as butter but will help.


Coconut Oil and Butter

Combining butter and coconut oil is like the mother load. You can almost hear your adrenal glands saying, “Thank you!” Most people refer to this combination as bulletproof coffee. When I drink bulletproof coffee I don’t get the jitters, it is very satisfying and I typically won’t hear my hunger signal until noon. And that is without breakfast. I anticipate this might be available at Starbucks soon.

The above recipe is very similar to Dave Asprey’s Bulletproof® coffee recipe except Dave uses MCT oil in place of the coconut oil. I just like the whole food synergy of coconut oil and it’s immune-boosting properties while Dave likes concentrated MCT oil for more of an immediate energy and brain boost.

Note: If you still need something sweet add ¼ teaspoon vanilla or almond extract (Optional)


Green Tea and Herbal Teas

These are by far my favorite. They are filled with antioxidants and all kinds of healing compounds. As an herbalist I love all the varieties of herbal teas for different conditions. Green tea has fabulous anti cancer compounds, licorice tea nourishes the adrenals, mullen tea supports the lungs… If you are looking for a tea that is right for your condition, just reach out!