Carrot Belly Soother

Carrot Belly Soother



Wash all vegetables the juice all ingredients, stir, and serve immediately.

Health Benefits

The last thing you want from your freshly juiced veggies is something that is going to make you feel gassy and bloated. That’s the effect some folks get when they increase their intake of vegetables. This is because the fiber gets broken down via a process called fermentation. This means gas is released and has to makes its way out of your system, usually via your bottom! The solution in this recipe is the addition of fennel. Fennel is in the herb family called ‘carminitives.’ Simply put, carminitives not only taste delicious, but have the added benefit of relieving the symptoms of gas and bloating. This recipe also includes garlic, which boosts your immune system, and ginger which helps to decrease inflammation. With all these nutrients, why would we consider sipping anything else?

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