Green Pea Spread


Add all ingredients to a food processor bowl and pulse until well-incorporated. The mix will not be entirely smooth, but rather will maintain some texture. Serve on cucumber, tomato, or jicama slices. This spread is ahhhhmazing with smoked salmon! Kitchen sink option: don’t be afraid to throw in any greens you need to move out of the fridge—cooked chard, lettuce mix, or kale can all blend into the spread easily and only serve to maximize the nutrition.

Health Benefits

The tiny little pea is high in just about everything, except for calories. This spread packs a fabulously filling punch of fiber, protein, and a generous amount of folate. If you are ever wondering where you can find folate—think of its roots in the word ‘foliage’ and go find those leaves! It also lives in abundance in most beans. You want to take in that folate to support brain and nervous system health, as well as cardiovascular support. The impact on neural development for fetuses has been widely promoted, and the consumption of folate by pregnant women in especially important. Another important contribution to the body is folate’s assistance in promoting red blood cell production. Peas also contain a rich amount of vitamin k, which in combination with a good dose of B vitamins, helps to anchor calcium inside the bones—especially important for the prevention of osteoporosis. With all these nutrients, who needs milk?