Fire up your grill to medium-high heat.

1. Lay the peppers and onions out on a sheet tray and coat evenly in coconut oil. Season with salt and pepper, paprika and chile powder. Place all of the vegetables on the grill, on the upper rack, if you have one (if you don’t, just keep an eye on it and watch for flares), and roast for 15 minutes, rotating halfway through, and removing any that are beginning to brown quickly as needed. Remove veggies from the grill, transporting everything back to a cutting surface on the sheet tray.

2. Remove the kernels off of the ears of corn and gather in a medium bowl.

3. Chop the peppers, onion and avocado into a small dice and combine with the corn.
Add the cilantro. Squeeze lime over everything and toss to combine. Taste for seasoning, and salt and pepper as desired.

Option: If you’d like to turn this into a classic, pourable salsa, just blend it up, or blend half and leave half chunky for more texture.

Health Benefits

Eat the rainbow! Turns out green peppers are just unripe red peppers (who knew!), and thusly, as they are a little underdeveloped and have spent less time in the sun, contain way less nutrients. Eat with your eyes and go for brighter fruits and veggies—their color is indicative of their health benefits. Red bell peppers contain a whopping 300% of your daily recommended vitamin c. They are also chock full of B6 and magnesium, which are an extremely valuable combination for premenstrual symptoms. Have you ever wished for your superpower to be night vision? Just keep chowing down on those red peppers, they have been known to increase eyesight capabilities in dim light! But you might not even need to go for that run in the dark as red peppers themselves act to increase your metabolic rate through an increase in thermogenesis—the same thing that the capsaicin in hot peppers produces, but without the sweating.