Raw Walnut Taco Meat Substitute



Add all ingredients to food processor and blend until a coarse meal forms—much like the size and texture of actual ground beef! Be careful not to overblend, you will make yourself walnut butter. Can be used instead of ground beef for many recipes or as a dip with salsa on its own!

Health Benefits

Walnuts = brain food (and look like them, too!) One serving of this psuedo taco meat can get you nearly your whole day’s worth of omega 3’s. Omega 3’s facilitate your brain’s ability to process the good stuff—think of them like a lube for vitamin transport across the brain barriers. As an extra nutritional punch in this recipe, the omegas in walnuts help facilitate the absorption of the B9/folate in the brewer’s yeast—these powers combined have been known to enhance mood and temper PMS. So bring on the walnuts!