Sugar Free Dark Cherry Ice Cream


Place dark cherries, salt, almond extract, and lemon in an upright Vitamix or commercial blender. Slowly pour in the cream and blend to desired consistency. You may need more or less cream depending on your blender. Serve!

Garnish with fresh or frozen berries, mint, or even bittersweet chocolate, chopped fine for a cherries Garcia version)


Health Benefits

The Nutritional Therapists at Good Decisions believe that being healthy is totally the bomb. They love creating healthy new recipes so their clients don’t feel deprived. They know that deprivation, guilt and shame are three things that prevent people from stepping into their best self and do everything they can to make their clients customized eating plans delicious and enjoyable.

This is one of the recipes born from a client desire to still enjoy ice cream. We hope you enjoy it!

Cherries have an affinity for the kidneys and often people reach for pure black cherry juice or cherry capsules to help with gout. They are also extremely rich in anthocyanins highly effective antioxidants that keep cells safe from free radicals that threaten to hit you with cancer and all kinds of ailments and diseases. Anthocyanins triple as an anti-inflammatory, bringing even more positive effects. They help fortify blood vessels to prevent leakage and damage, relax blood vessels to increase blood flow, and stabilize capillaries.

Combine this with the healthy fat in organic heavy cream that’s rich in fatty acids that support the immune system and you could almost justify this dessert as a nightly treat! Almost. 🙂

*Whether dairy is considered to be healthy or not is very individual. If dairy provokes mucus when you eat it, it may not be a healthy food for you.