Summer Sunflower Seed Salad

Summer Sunflower Seed Salad


Toss all ingredients together in a medium-sized bowl and enjoy.

Health benefits

Let’s remember—Good Decisions are about limiting fats that do nothing for you—don’t be afraid of increasing good fats, especially in the form of nuts and seeds, and even more so soaked nuts and seeds…and especially soaked sunflower seeds! Sunflower seeds blow most other seeds out of the water in terms of their nutrient load, and also have an extremely high quality protein, which with soaking, is easily digestible. Pumpkin seeds are also akin to sunflower seeds in that they both provide an almost complete essential amino acid source, especially for vegetarians. Remember, essential amino acids are the ones that your body cannot produce on its own and thusly seeks out from your food. Lysine aids the body in absorbing calcium from the gut and into the bones. We can make that source complete in this salad by adding the lysine found in brewer’s yeast.

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