Whole Roasted Fish With Sliced Potatoes


Preheat the oven to 400 degrees F.

1. In a large bowl, toss the potatoes, 4 cloves chopped garlic, chopped oregano, olives and red pepper; drizzle generously with olive oil and season with salt. Arrange the potatoes mixture on the bottom of a baking dish large enough to accommodate the fish. Roast in the oven for 20 minutes. Remove and reserve.

2. Make 3 diagonal slices about 1/2 inch deep on each sides of the fish. Season the outside and inside with olive oil and salt. Place the lemon slices, remaining 4 cloves chopped garlic, bay leaves, whole oregano sprigs, and parsley inside the body cavity of the fish.

3. Pour the wine over the potatoes, lay the fish on top and toss the whole thing in the oven for 35 to 40 minutes, or until the eyeballs pop out.

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