How do you think you did?

After reading about sugar and taking the quiz, what does your gut instinct tell you? Do you feel that sugar is an issue for you?

Balanced Blood Sugar Levels Are Foundational To Health and Vitality

When I went through my nutritional training, regulating blood sugar levels was one of the first things we learned. When your blood sugar levels aren’t balanced, your hormones aren’t balanced. When blood sugar levels elevate, cortisol elevates, which increase inflammation in the body. When blood sugar levels rise it puts a strain on your adrenals, your brain, your liver, and your pancreas, just to mention a few.

Blood Sugar and Weight Loss

If your blood sugar levels aren’t balanced, and you don’t eat for a while, your blood sugar levels drop and you need food and you need it now! This makes any attempt at calorie restriction or weight loss next to impossible. I am amazed at the willpower of individuals who try to lose weight without balancing their blood sugar levels first.

If you want to lose weight it is imperative to balance your blood sugar levels first. When you do this, cravings, withdrawals, and need to eat food now is gone and weight loss is so much easier and a more grounded process.

Fortunately I love helping people get off sugar. I wrote about it in my book and created a 30 Day No Sugar Challenge here on my website. It’s free, you can check it out here:

Your Scores

You answered 10 questions with True
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All Answers False

If you answered all answers as false you are one of the rare godlike individuals who Self-Governs effectively around sugar and food. Please join our community forum and share your wisdom!
1-3 Answers True

If you answered 1-3 questions as true, it looks like you are doing well at self governing around sugar. You can see by the questions, even one answer could indicate an addiction is present depending on the question. I recommend trying to go a week without sugar and see how you do. Sugar may not have sunk its claws into you, but it may be singing to you like a siren sings to lure unwary sailors onto rocks! If the idea of going without sugar for a week scares you, you have your answer.
4-8 Questions True

If you answered 4-8 questions as true, you like sugar. Do not deny it; denial gets us nowhere. You are still at a point where you are somewhat in control however, and teeter back and forth between being in control one week, and out of control the next. You could do the 30 Day No Sugar Challenge easily and be free of cravings within two weeks.
8-15 Questions True

If you answered 8-15 questions as true, sugar has a very strong hold on you. When you eliminate sugar you will hear voices in your head saying, “No, don’t do this!” You are not crazy, it is just the bugs who have been feeding on sugar within you dying off. Mental clarity or all day energy is not something you have experienced in a while, and if you do the 30 Day No Sugar Challenge detoxification will not be pleasant. However, once you are through the first two weeks, the bugs will no longer be in control and you will be able to take the reins to your health and vitality back.
15-20 Questions True

If you answered 15-20 questions as true, you have my deep compassion. I get it. I have been there. You are most likely completely out of control and sugar has you doing its bidding. It is time to wipe the chocolate off your face, roll up your sleeves and regain control over the situation or your poor health may result in disease if it hasn’t already. Your dopamine center and euphoric endorphins are well tuned to sugars sweet hit. Your brain when compared to a drug user is very similar and mental clarity and all day energy are completely foreign to you. Know that this is all reversible, and If you are open to it, I can walk you through the process of getting off sugar. It is free and I promise, I got you every step of the way.

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