We are teachers who cultivate transformation within our community. We have a passionate dedication to our work and each other. We are suns with a mission to each light a thousand more suns for global impact. We help people discover what they really hunger for in life by facilitating the evolution of their relationship with food. Our goal? To help one million people make peace with food and their body and live the life of their dreams.

UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_96dc Thousand Suns

When I signed up for Wilma Shaw’s “Finally Free” workshop, I was suffering from heartburn almost every day, felt sick and tired after most meals, and found myself at the heaviest I’ve ever been in my life. Other than cutting ties with emotional eating, I really wasn’t sure what to expect from the workshop, but I am so incredibly glad that I enrolled.
Within the first week, all of us started a 30-day detox—truly clean eating without any sugar, processed foods, breads and starchy foods, dairy, fruits, caffeine, or alcohol. The most enlightening part for me was how addicted to caffeine I was, drinking coffee, tea, and soda ALL DAY without even realizing it!! I started and continue to drink 96 ounces of water every day (in place of caffeinated beverages), and my skin looks better than it has in years. In addition, cheese was my go-to food for every meal, and it was making me sick!! And I was able to look at labels to realize how much added sugar is in everything, so I have become smarter at buying decisions as well as re-engaged with my love for cooking. The best part is the newly found awareness I have with food and how our body uses, digests, and stores different foods. I make such smarter choices when I eat now.
During the detox and the two weeks after, I have felt fulfilled from the menu of vegetables, protein, healthy fats, nuts and seeds, and legumes. Plus, I have learned so much from Wilma and this workshop about how I emotionally attached myself to food and eating. I am so much more aware, I am so much happier, and I’ve lost 10 pounds thus far. I can’t say enough about how beneficial this workshop was for me, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who feels like I did. Wilma is a fantastic resource of information and the best support system anyone could ask for—she was my personal cheerleader every time I needed it … and then some. Thank you, Wilma!

~ Andi Lucas, Edmond, WA

I recommend ‘Finally Free’ to anyone who wants to lose weight easily while enjoying healthy food and implementing positive lifestyle change. Wilma Shaw both teaches and practices healthy eating and living. Her expertise throughout the workshop and her individual consultations is matched by her passion. I also liked being part of a small group because we learned from each other each week and in between. We were encouraged to share challenges and wins each week, which helped me see that I was not alone and that we all had things to celebrate. The seven weeks sped by, accompanied by weight loss, more energy and mental clarity. I looked forward to each week adding to my toolbox various strategies that help me know if I am hungry, know when to stop eating. The lessons each week, the No Sugar Challenge, the group, the good rational and ease of preparing tasty, high quality foods make this program a lifestyle.

~ D. Vail, Seattle, WA

I thought the course was very useful in becoming more knowledgeable and food aware. I feel better prepared to make healthy choices and positive changes in myself, my responses and my attitude. The classes and interaction with others in the group was useful and reinforced that we all face similar issues and learn from each other.
Wilma, I appreciate your enthusiasm and support. You are very knowledgeable and endlessly kind and supportive.

~ E. Olinger, Seattle, WA

I signed up to be an instructor for Finally Free because I was looking for a way to bring lasting change to my clients, increased business income and new one-on-one clients. The workshop Dani has put together provides all of that. I am now able to better support my clients with strategies that set them up for a life time of Good Decisions. Additionally, Dani provided the templates and experience necessary to reach out to the medical community in a strategic way that will continue to support my clients and business goals. I’ve taught two workshops thus far and am now in the maintenance phase with two separate groups and loving it! I am also using the new strategies in my life as well as with my one-on-one clients. I highly recommend becoming an instructor for Finally Free. You really get everything you need to fill and lead successful workshops, changing lives for a lifetime.

-Wilma Shaw, NTP, BCHN™

~ Wilma Shaw NTP Finally Free Instructor

The gift of this program for practicing in a red-state is beyond measure. What Danielle has created is well within the limitations of the red state boundaries, while still allowing me to have an impact on the wellness of my community. Her program is powerful and has been positively received by my group in my state. I have seen how this program changes lives! I am a firm believer in Finally Free, and would encourage all red-state NTP/NTC’s to jump in. This is the platform we can use to touch lives, impact health, and illuminate ‘suns’ in our communities.
My dream as an NTP was to continue to light torches and pull clients out of their darkness, with this program I can!

Tiffany O’Loughlin NTP

~ Tiffany O’Laughlin NTP Finally Free Instructor

This program has been life changing and helped me to awaken my inner warrior! For me, it’s not the food I needed freedom from, it’s the negative thoughts, limiting beliefs, and supressed emotions. One of the most freeing things has been slowly working through past trauma and letting go of my victimhood. I didn’t realize how much living in the past is effecting my present. And even though there is so much that is unknown right now and I have a long way to go, I look forward to changing my thought patterns every day, and I really do feel like I’m finally free. I look forward to stepping into my potential as a Finally Free Instructor and being a sun that lights a thousand suns!

Thank you Dani ❤️ Anthea Morris NTP

~ Anthea Morris NTP Finally Free Instructor

Finally Free! those words pretty much sum up my thoughts on the program Dani (Danielle) Brooks has put together. Dani created a program that not only helps participants get free of their insecurity and emotional dependency on food but the program itself is put together in such a way that helps the facilitators get Finally Free! in their nutritional practices as well! For me Finally Free! has opened my eyes into how a practice can work alongside other health professionals, including medical doctors, which is pretty awesome. We know that the amount of time medical doctors have with their patients is harried and when doctors can refer their patients to become Finally Free! participants simply put, it can change lives. It seems Dani has thought of it all and basically can give you a ‘practice in a box’ if you follow the plan she lays out and put in the work YOU WILL SEE RESULTS not only in your participant’s lives but in your practice as well. I am so thankful that Dani was giving away her book Good Decisions, (Most of the Time) at the Roots NTA Conference in Portland. As an NTP in a Red State, I wasn’t quite sure of being able to make a go of it full time. Beta-testing Finally Free! has completely changed my mind in that regard and for that I am forever thankful to Dani and her amazing work. Let me put it another way, I can’t for my part in lighting 1000 Suns.

-Lauren Bohi NTP

~ Lauren Bohi NTP Finally Free Instructor

I can move better and have less joint pain. Had to put two more holes in to make my belt smaller. Never really looked at the food I was eating to see how much sugar and carbs I was eating. After no sugar challenge, I found that I was not as hungry and did not need to eat as much.

~ Alan

This workshop has really made the most positive impact in my life, and I can see myself continuing this lifestyle (not diet)! I’ve struggled with weight for most of my life. I’ve tried every diet, restricting calories/increasing exercise, cutting out carbs, even diet pills, and nothing worked, nor was it sustainable. I thing the real difference between this workshop and other programs I’ve tried is it’s emphasis on the psychology of food and our relationship with it. I have learned to recognize the little voice in my head that was always putting me down and sabotaging me, and I’ve learned to overcome it. I’ve learned more about healthful eating and healthful habits. I now am meal-prepping, exercising, and incorporating more self-care into my everyday routine. I feel less pain/inflammation, and I have more energy/motivation. This program is way more than just about weightless. I feel like I’m finally living my best life, and am finally free.

~ Alex G.

This workshop allowed me to have a different outlook on my lifestyle and my choices I make everyday. It allowed me to develop a more positive relationship with the thinking voice in my head. I have tried a lot of “diets” in the past and the common factor that didn’t allow me to keep pursuing that “diet” was it wasn’t meant to be a lifestyle change.

With this lifestyle I am comforted to see that I go easier and not completely degrade myself when I “fall off the wagon” with some food that I deem “bad”. I am more conscious of my choices throughout my day. I have had many obstacles to work through and know I will have many more, but I feel more positive in my abilities to do so.

I am grateful for all the support this workshop has given me and it has allowed me to work through some emotional set backs that I have encountered. One day I hop to be Finally Free from my fears that hold me back from living my best life.

~ Jamie

Going through this with Anthea was a beautiful, almost spiritual, experience for me. Not only do I understand the science and physiology of different foods now, but I also want to be healthier. By healthy I mean the way I eat, my thoughts, my use of my time, and my own wholeness. These workshops have enlightened me and brought me peace with food and my health and my mind. Anthea is a wonderful leader in this workshop. She is a total believer in the ideals of this program and is eager to share them. She made me want to listen to her with enthusiasm. During the exercises that brought tranquility, her voice was so beautiful and added to the experience. I cannot thank Anthea enough for allowing me to participate in these wonderful workshops!

~ Colleen P.

My life has been changed by leaps and bounds with each week’s information, stimulating me onward and upward toward a new self image. The information has been well documented and presented in a way that is stimulating and even could be defined as exciting. I would recommend this workshop highly! Perhaps the real value outside of core information has been the wonderful interplay with other participants. The director has been extremely observant and thus fully aware of each of our personalities and progress. I would deem the material and personal help invaluable.

~ Tanie White

When I started Carla’s course, I was feeling extreme ‘diet fatigue’. I was super tired of counting calories and carbs and whatever else.

Carla’s course was different. Her approach to food was wholesome. Her approach to how to deal with the emotional weight we carry around about food was even more so.

What I’ll take away from this course, is that at the end of the day, it’s not about the food! We spend SO much time focused on forcing our bodies to change, instead of paying attention to what we need in life for ourselves; self-care, being real with others about how we feel and showing up for what we are passionate about every day.

Eating intuitively, mindful attention to my feelings and a solid understanding of the kinds of foods that make my body happy are what Carla has taught me with this course. I have lost about 25 pounds and am balanced in my approach to food now. She genuinely cares about the people she’s teaching and she is 100 percent committed to changing people’s lives for the better. This is a course I wish everyone was required to take!

~ Penni B.

IMG_3368 Thousand Suns

I really enjoyed the “Finally Free” workshop, and Wilma is a great instructor and coach! I appreciate that she has helped me to look past the simple desire for food (and other things) to underlying emotions and beliefs, and has given me tools to counter them. It’s also great to learn how to properly prepare some foods that I love but had moved away from because I had heard they should be avoided.

~ Donna K., Maryland