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    If I had my way I would give you a week in between modules to practice and integrate what you have learned. How would you feel about this?

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      The pace is quite fast and there is a lot to absorb. Having a week between modules would be good. Also, being able to go back and retake the course would also be helpful. This may allow for reflection to demonstrate how we have grown and put the program to work. A comparison so to speak.

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      I think time to absorb and practice is good. But I agree that it took me WAY longer than one week, I started March 1st and am just finishing the first module tonight.

      I have lots of things going on that pull me away, aging parents with health problems, etc. I have appreciated the ability to go at my own pace, but hated feeling like I am getting behind also.

      I would suggest splitting this one up into 2 or even better – 3 weeks.I don’t think I’d want you to delete any of it. There was just so much and I didn’t want to rush through.
      Should I take a break at this point? I’m not sure I feel like I need to, but will go with what you advise.

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      There was a LOT to absorb during this module and like Bethany I actually stopped for about a week right at the Workbook Picture of You before you said to stop. Life was happening to me and needed a break. I liked the module and the self-evaluation but have a hard time relating how it effects my eating habits. I needed time to think it over.

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      I felt that this first part was DEEP. We are asked to dig deep and do a lot of self reflection and honestly look at ourselves. I got overwhelmed at one point and stopped for a week on my own. This really needs to be longer than a week to get through this module. I would say 3 weeks.

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        Great Feedback. Bethany, at what lesson did you get overwhelmed?

        Everyone continue to go at your own pace, take it slow and easy and don’t worry about getting behind. There is no behind as we are testing, and it is more important that you get the information and apply it. So go at a pace that feels good to you.

        I will clarify in the emails and in the module why it is important to know how we meet our emotional needs with food and emphasize how to reach for empowering alternatives instead.

        I’ll also reinforce that often times we don’t eat because we are hungry for food, we are hungry for something else, something other than food. This is typically when we are trying to meet one of our 6 human needs. When we can reach for our empowering alternatives instead we don’t need the food. Maybe a module summary would be good.

        Do you feel there is anything else I can add to clarify this module?

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      Hi Dani,

      I’m happy to take the week because I trust you. My only hesitation is that I want the entire picture of what you are teaching us. I’m understanding the first module but I’m not feeling like I know what’s going on if that makes sense 🙂 I’ll be back next week! Thank you!!

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