The Hunger Check

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    What do you really hunger for in life?

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      in this module, I have come to discovered that I rarely eat when hungry and multi-task at the same time. Have been unaware of my signals while doing others things. The hunger check will take some practice to accomplish. Going to commit to listening to my gut making the head shift and not multi-task while eating. Will also have to work on not eating when my husband does, more practice.

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      I hunger for purpose right now. I used to teach and LOVED it. Then kids, then went back to school for Aromatherapy. I love teaching about aromatherapy and creating blends…just not enough for me right now.

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      I have come to realize that I rarely eat and am not also doing something else at the same time. Finding too that being aware of my signals does NOT happen when I am doing others things. This one is going to take some practice for me, for sure. I am going to commit to sitting down at the table to eat as often as possible without my phone, computer or the tv. It’s hard when I always feel as if there’s just not enough hours in the day, but going to try to whenever I can.

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        Tarie, I do the same thing. Especially at lunch time and breakfast. I am reading, catching up on emails, etc. I don’t make it a relaxing time to just eat. I need to work on that. I am often unaware of how much I eat because of this.

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      Denise, I’m with you, just wanted to jump in and keep moving forward.

      I love the idea of checking with body signals before during and after eating. So often it’s just rush right through.

      I am trying to figure a few things out. Because I work and have a set lunch hour I don’t really have the luxury of waiting till I’m hungry to eat. Today I didn’t have breakfast because I wasn’t really hungry. My lunch break is at noon and by 11am, I was hungry. At first I felt a little panicked (didn’t have any snacks with me) so I went to the break room to see if there was anything there. Thankfully, there wasn’t. I came back and said to myself, it’s only an hour – you aren’t going to die! LOL! I did fine.

      Any thoughts on how to maneuver when in such a scheduled job? Also have not been able to really do the journal puke for the same reason, I’m at work.

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      Love and pleasure. I am currently at a good time in my life so I am not tempted to use food as a soother for pain. I am wondering how to manage meals for multiple people. Can’t wait until I am hungry when hubby may be hungry earlier. Not realistic to eat at different times. Enjoy sitting down together. Need to work on I don’t have to eat every time he does in-between meals. He likes a late night bowl of berries which I don’t really need.

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      Love and connection!!!! I have been in a difficult journey these past 12 years. I am now in a place of re-building my life. I want this program to help me get my life back. I’ve sunk into bingeing these last four years worse than ever and it’s fueled by my singleness. I have great connection with friends and my healing practice and I want to expand both those areas as well as meet someone that has a similar outlook on life. And fun!!! FUN!! FUN!! I am in need of fun, fun, fun!

      P.S. I know you told us to wait a week after Module 1 but I couldn’t. I need more support so I am moving forward with the second module :-).

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