The Need for Growth

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    How will losing weight or getting healthy contribute toward your growth?

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      I will stop being ashamed of my body and use the pool that I have only been in twice on 6 years. Be kind to myself and others.

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      I am with you too Judy! I am tired of covering up my body because it doesn’t look the way I want it to. It would be freeing to loose weight, to be eating more healthy, in line with what I really desire for myself. Particularly, I would be growing because I would not be eating to fill a void, or particularly important to me, I wouldn’t be eating to distract myself from uncomfortable emotions.

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      I grew up active and skinny; my nickname was Twiggy. That changed in the years of having children and after. I’ve always felt ashamed of being overweight. My focus is too often on myself: how I feel about being overweight, what I think others think about me being overweight (feeling judged, whether I actually am or not). Wondering what others think of me when I’m eating something “bad”. It is just ridiculous!
      It would be so freeing to have my mind able to just be kind to myself and present with others. While I obviously do want to lose weight, I want even more to be mentally healthy with my food relationship so I am able to be healthy in other relationships too.
      So – I see myself interacting and really being present with the person(s) I am with. I see myself not dreading what activity my friends might want to do, but being able to be excited along with them. I see myself be free and at peace with myself!

      Thanks for sharing Judy, Denise and Bethany! I learn from and am inspired by what you share! And you too of course Dani! 🙂

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      It will free me up to pursue dreams I have. It will empower me, give me courage.

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      Oh Judy I am standing next to you!!!!! I am that fat little girl hiding from the summers terrified to show any part of myself. What courage you have to say that out loud. I see you dancing in the sand inviting the sunshine onto every part of your skin. And I am standing next to you!!!

      I felt so riled up by the last module on love and connection I had to do the next one to calm myself down. Losing weight is nirvana for me. Every part of me longs for it and I do so well when I lose it and then abject fear overtakes me. I am so tired of this fear; it’s not me. I take a lot of risks in my life; why is letting go of the chocolate such a tough one? I will do my damndest (don’t know how to spell it) tomorrow to love the stuffing out of myself. No holds barred just bliss for what an awesome person I am! Oh my I am a dreamer!!! 🙂 Go big or go home, right?

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      Yes Judy! So beautiful. What new mental image that feels divine can you replace that old one with?

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      I will drop the mental image of the little fat girl that was always the last one chosen for games at school. I will be willing to try things like travel to Hawaii which would be mean I don’t have to keep my body covered up.

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