The Need For Variety and Uncertainty

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    We all need to have change and surprise in our lives. When you do the same thing day after day it gets boring and a person will seek change and look for variety or uncertainty. What positive ways can you meet your need for variety?

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      Having recently retired, I will organize my home now removing any work related items.
      Through this course, I am discovering variety has been lacking in my life and have been deeply entrenched in a rut. I too have a very low boredom threshold and plan to walk, dance and renew my stained glass shop to break the habit of reaching for something sweet. Additionally, travel is my passion and will spend time planning and organizing future trips.

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      I love the question… because I totally resonate with using to food to fill the gap for variety. I made a commitment to myself a few years ago to do something outside my comfort zone regularly and I was. It was exhilarating. But about a year ago, I made a decision to step back to bring more stability in my life for specific reasons, and I found myself struggling more with certain foods, which were filling that need for variety (I didn’t have that language before now…). For me, variety comes in the shape of doing things socially that force me to go outside my comfort zone. Meeting people I do not know. I will continue to look for those opportunities.
      I have done a lot of hiking… did a 10 day backpacking trip around the perimeter of Mt. Rainier three years ago. I miss it and am trying to get back to it after some knee issues.
      I enjoyed reading all of your responses and ideas. I am sorry TarieB to hear about all that you and your loved ones are going through. I hope that you all have enjoyed the good weather for hiking and are enjoying your various art adventures.

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      I want both certainty and uncertainty all the time. Certainty because it is easy and uncertainty because it is a rush, exciting, fun. When I’m lazy I just plug along, and maybe to spice it up a bit, try a new route home or talk to someone new or just say yes to an opportunity without really knowing what it is, like this course. I would say, my husband encourages me to step out of the box and not be so judgmental and try something new and/or uncomfortable. He also makes me laugh and that always jumps one out of boredom. It’s a balance thing for me but when I just jump in I’m seldom disappointed. Surprised for sure and sometimes the water is cold. I think I eat out of habit and then catch myself and say, I’m not hungry and I don’t really want to eat.

      I see a lot of you like to be outside, me too, I am there most of the time, munching my way along eating wild edibles….not very fattening and oh so good for you.

      I can meet my need for variety by opening up to new things, remembering what i have always wanted to do and do them. Also for me slowing down is a good thing and doing nothing except staring into the sky. I am often a busy bee. Also listening instead of talking would be a positive activity for me.

      I want a walking buddy too, Bethany
      I admire you Judy for taking on the challenge of putting together an art show, no small feat.
      Tarieb, it always takes a lot of emotional energy to deal with sickness and death, being outside you will find the answers. I once lived near Snoqualmie Falls, what a lovely spot with the rushing water and misty air.
      Denise, I get lost in sewing and have to remind myself to come up for air, such a treat to have the time and creativity for any art form, I’ll bet your work is beautiful.
      And Danielle, I know you are not doing the same thing day in and day out, what a great work you have created for us. Thank you!

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      Hello Everyone,

      So great to hear what everyone chooses for variety. I used to do a lot of arts and crafts and I am making my way back to them this year. Creating something with my hands has always been satisfying. I also take risks with my acting and shamanic healing and teaching. I love being in the moment and allowing the vulnerable i.e. strong side of me come through with no filters. Very comforting and power-full. I hike as well. I am a novice so I am the turtle and I enjoy my turtle ways.

      Tarie I am sorry for all the suffering you and your loved ones are experiencing. Sending virtual hugs.

      Bethany and Judy your adventures in art and hiking are fabulous!

      Have a great week everyone!

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      Sorry I’ve been AWOL, dealing with aging parents in crisis and close friends who are dealing with children who have died or are dying. Life feels very heavy for me now. It can be a challenge for me to continue to care for myself when people I love are in such need. I’m working on that!
      Through this exercise I have become aware that I lean far more heavily on my need for certainty, than for uncertainty. That alone is an interesting discovery.
      One positive thing I do to fill my need for variety is learning new things. I am embarking on a 6 month herbal apprenticeship beginning in April. I am SUPER excited about that!
      I think getting outside more is always good for me and feels adventurous, even if it’s only going on a hike or a walk along the Snoqualmie trail. I tend to spend too much time watching TV after coming home from a stressful and tiring day at work. That is not always a bad option, but when it becomes the norm, I don’t think it benefits me.

      Bethany, I bought a “Drawing a day” journal in part to help me let go of perfectionism. I’ve not used it every day as I had hoped, but I still enjoy it and think it is a positive outlet.

      Judy, I’ve been so inspired by your posts in the sugar detox and love to hear about your sense of adventure!

      I’m honored to be on this journey with you both and with you also Dani!

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      Sounds like you two would do well together! Bethany, if you are looking for someone to orient you with hiking Judy is your gal! I do nutritional consultations to get variety. I never know what will happen! I also get it from my fiance Todd as he loves to travel and keeps me on the road with fun adventures quite frequently.

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      I plan and organize extended backpacking trips both for just my husband and I and often for a group of friends. Distance hiking in new areas thrill and frightens me at the same time. When things work out there is a huge feeling of accomplishment. Sometimes we need to go to “Plan B” which is my trail name. Not a failure but just a new plan.

      I recently retired and we moved. Trying to meet new friends and I want to sign up for several of the yoga and exercise classes. I was recently approached to present some of my mountain photography at the Lodge so will need to organize a presentation.

      I also like to research and try new recipes (within the No Sugar Guidelines now).

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      I am bored REALLY easily! I handle it by organizing and reorganizing. I also like to create and have an art journal I try to work in daily. I LOVE to read and do that quite a bit as well. I garden and create essential oil blends and products for my business.

      I am going to sign up for an art class. An online book class, find a walking buddy and try to do some hiking.

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        Bethany! I envy you your art. It has been many years since I did any drawing or painting. It is something I feel would enrich my life.

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