What Are The Best Alternatives To Disposable Elf Bars?

For many vapers, and indeed those who haven’t yet tried it, the brand Elf Bar might be the first name that springs to mind when they think about disposable vapes. Popular with vapers from all different walks of life, while Elf Bar used to hold the number one spot, the brand is now facing stiff competition from other brands.

Whether you’re looking for a disposable vape Alternative to Elf Bar, or want to switch to refillable vape pods, here are some of your options:

Disposable vape alternatives:

Crystal Bar

With a wide selection of flavours sure to suit even the most unique of tastes, this disposable vape brand has a great design and comes with nicotine strengths of 20mg. Because it uses the same nic salt used by top brands such as Elf Bar, it gives the user a deliciously smooth hit on the throat

Lost Mary BM600

The appearance of this brand is different to that of Elf Bars, and is actually very pocket-friendly. Small and lightweight, if you’re bored of the standard pen shaped devices, then a Lost Mary disposable vape could be a great alternative. Offering many similar flavours as Elf Bars, the brand has, however, spent time working on a number of delicious blends duplicated by no other disposable vapes currently on the market, such as Pineapple Ice, Double Apple and Triple Mango.  

Coming in a nicotine strength of 20mg, vapers can get as many as 600 puffs from the device, easily as many as Elf Bars and other popular brands. 

Elux Bar 600

This particular brand of device has such a dazzling array of flavours that choosing one is a tough decision! As with all disposable devices, however, experimenting is easy as you simply select a new flavour each time you buy a new disposable. 

Choose from nicotine strengths of 10mg or 20mg, and enjoy the lighter, smoother hit associated with nic salt (as used by Elf Bar). With the device itself coming in a range of designs, you’re spoilt for choice in more ways than one. 

Refillable vape pods

For those who wish to vape on a more permanent basis, and are comfortable with charging the device in the same way that you would your phone, refillable vape pods may be a great alternative to disposable brands such as Elf Bar.

While disposables are discarded (or appropriately recycled) after each use, vape pods are designed to be reused many times, and when the e-liquid runs out, you can choose from a wide range of flavours to replace it with. Nicotine strengths are more varied than with disposables, and you can choose as little as 2ml – this means that they tend to last just as long as disposables, and in some instances, can last even longer. You can even opt for different types of nicotine to use when vaping. 

Elf Bars may have had their day, but fortunately there are plenty of incredible alternatives available today, that will give you everything that you loved about that brand, and more. To discover your options, why not visit your local vaping shop, or browse the choices online.

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