Digestive Bitters to Beat the Bloat

Do you feel gassy? Bloated? Do you ever feel like food sits in your gut after you eat a meal and wish you could just put a fire hose down your throat to flush it out? I have. Sluggish digestion is no fun, which is why this recipe for homemade digestive bitters may be one of the most valuable recipes on this site.
Acid reflux, indigestion and constipation are all signs of sluggish digestion, which can often be easily resolved by slowing down and chewing your food well, being relaxed when you eat, and stimulating your digestive juices with a little hit of digestive bitters before and after meals.
Digestive bitters are powerful, so don’t underestimate the healing power of a bitter herb. In fact, test it out for yourself by simply eating more bitter green salads before meals. Spinach, arugula, frisée, escarole, and dandelion greens are all bitter greens that will stimulate digestion and leave you feeling… well, the opposite of gassy and bloated…which for me feels slim and sexy!
Here is the recipe I mentioned: Homemade Digestive Bitters.
Let me know how you feel after testing it out for yourself!