The Book

Because life is too short not to eat chocolate.

Customizing your own diet for life: How improving digestion, regulating blood sugar levels, eliminating food allergies and toxicity can help you lose weight, increase mental clarity, strengthen your immune system and give you what you need to shine in your own well nourished skin

Sharper, Skinnier, Sexier: When Will You Get Started?

Good Decisions…Most of the Time is not just another diet or nutrition book. It’s an adventure into the foundations of nutrition and the inner workings of your body, where even the smallest change can bring about a dramatic shift in how you look and feel.

If you have a vision of your best self, but have not been able to turn that vision into a reality, this book will give you the tools and information you need to achieve that vision.

From the psychology of food to nutritional nuggets, Good Decisions will guide you down your own hallway of life, increase your ability to self-govern effectively around food, and teach you how to be in tune with your body and what it needs.

The health of your body reflects the health of your mind and spirit, so isn’t it time to make a change? Isn’t it time to shine as you gain strength and confidence in your ability to make Good Decisions…Most of the Time?

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What You Will Learn:

  • The foundations of nutrition
  • How to deal with powerful emotions and food cravings
  • Which foods increase mental clarity and which foods dull the mind
  • How to eat to increase energy and vitality
  • Which foods pack on the weight and which ones help you shed it
  • Which foods decrease sex drive and which foods support it
  • How hormonal imbalances affect sleep, energy, and mood, and how you can use food to bring hormones back into balance.

And much, much more!

Delicious recipes, fun nutritional nuggets, cooking tips, and why weight loss is not about willpower.

Step Foundational Journey through the art and science of nutrition

  1. BLOOD SUGAR REGULATION AND THE NO-SUGAR CHALLENGE. Before you can lose weight, regain mental clarity, or increase energy, you must bring blood sugar irregularities back into balance.
  2. DIGESTIVE HEALTH. You could eat the healthiest diet on the planet, but if you are not digesting your food and absorbing nutrients, it will do you no good.
  3. MINERAL BALANCE. If your minerals are not balanced, your body may steal precious minerals from your bones. Ensuring adequate intake and absorption of minerals is paramount to bone health and athletic performance.
  4. QUALITY FATS. Fats are not the enemy we once thought. Healthy fats contribute greatly to mental clarity, plump and juicy skin, cellular health, mineral absorption, disease prevention and more.
  5. WATER AND ELECTROLYTES. Slow aging, decrease muscle cramps, and improve digestion. Most importantly, make water taste as delicious as it is healthy.

Good Decisions transforms your relationship with food, one delicious bite at a time.