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For All Frustrated Cookie Monsters

Millions of Americans try to stop eating sugar unsuccessfully each year. Those who succeed often lose weight initially but are typically unable to keep the weight off because of sugar keeps calling them back. Are you one of them? 

You’ve dieted. You’ve starved. You’ve done what everyone instructed you to do. And yet nothing worked. Forget everything you’ve been told about weight loss. Want to know the truth? It’s NOT about willpower or managing your calorie intake. 

The culprit is sugar.

Are You in a Bad Romance with Sugar?

Is it time to break up?

Trust us. We’ve also kicked and screamed through diet after diet after diet--from Atkins and The South Beach Diets to Keto and Paleo. We’ve tried them all.

Do you find it impossible to self-govern effectively around food? If you’ve told yourself that you’re lazy and just need more willpower, I am willing to bet a New York cheesecake that simply isn’t true. You just need to balance your blood sugar levels and let go of your sweet tooth.

There is an easier solution.

Ditch the calories-in-and-calories-out model. Forget anything that has to do with deprivation, guilt, or shame. Instead, kick sugar’s butt. Yes, you can eat intuitively, honor your body, and enjoy every single bite!

Feed Your Body Not Your Emotions

It’s time to ditch old habits and create healthy, new, and enjoyable ones. Our 30-Day No Sugar Challenge balances your blood sugar levels, detoxifies your body, and is designed to transform your relationship with sugar. Discover the sweet things in life you really crave.


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30 Day No Sugar Challenge
Our 30 Day No Sugar Challenge balances your blood sugar levels, detoxifies your body, and is designed to transform your relationship with sugar!

We’ve Experienced Similar Struggles...

A weight-loss problem can take years and years to solve. You maybe have spent those years speaking with so many experts that your head spins.

Those aren’t failures, though, only bumps and detours to reaching your best self. We condensed years of troubleshooting and years of personal experience into one easy-to-implement holistic sugar detox.

Stop Battling it Out on Your Own

Why go it alone when you can do it with a supportive group of other people going through the same thing? Tap into our community. Use our resources. That is what we are here for! 

We hold your hand every step of the way, and if you fall off, there will be a whole wagon full of people cheering for you to get back on! Every day you will receive a resource, a strategy, an insight that could make the difference between long-term success and just another lame program. We don’t want that to be us! That is not us! The skills you learn will last you a lifetime and put you back into control. 

Gone are the days of losing the same 30, 40, or 50 pounds over and over and over again. Stop worrying about weight and free that energy for other things... 

Enjoy increased energy levels and mental clarity. Sleep better and more restfully. Enjoy life without being preoccupied with food. This isn’t a fantasy. It’s achievable. 

We’ve watched people across the globe do it through this Challenge.

The Best Part? It’s Not About Willpower!

We have worked with hundreds of individuals, have more than 24 years of experience, and have written a best-selling book in the process. 

The 30-Day No Sugar Challenge has gotten hundreds of people to cut out sugar and to live the life of their dreams. Now, we just want to share our success with you!

How Does It Work?

The 30-Day No Sugar Challenge takes you through a 4-week journey. Your team here will guide and support you every step of the way.

Withdrawals and Cravings

We utilize specific foods to decrease cravings and move you out of sugar’s grip as quickly as possible. 

We send you an email each day with a tip on how to deal with and eliminate cravings while also handling withdrawals so the transition is smooth and comfortable. 

There are no processed food meals that you have to purchase: only real, whole delicious foods.

Avoid Hidden Sugar Pitfalls

We start by resetting your blood sugar levels, which will give you a steady stream of energy all day. No more highs and lows. You will also have the mental clarity to deal with temptation and lose the chaos and compulsions that are so embedded in sugar intake addiction. 

We share how to identify and avoid hidden and added sugars and how to deal with temptation. You will receive a tip, tool, strategy or insight every day designed to put you in the driver’s seat, and put sugar behind you.

Healthy, Easy New Recipes

You will receive a shopping list, meal plan menu, and daily recipes along with ideas on how to adapt the challenge to fit your own personal needs and tastes. 

Each week will directly address your challenges and help reinforce who you want to be. We give you the tools to step into those shoes. 

You will learn how to use food to nourish your body, not use it as a crutch.

Emotional Support

You will be added to our private Facebook support group where you will have access to a nutritional therapist and a community of others going on the same journey with you. Here you can ask any question you like, share any struggles you’re going through that week, and how amazing you feel the next! 

You will also have email access to your own personal nutritional therapist. Because this is a free program we do ask that you be respectful with this resource.

Ready to get started?



Shopping Lists 
Menu Plans 
Facebook Support 
Email Support 
Daily Tips, Strategies, and Insights 
Action Steps

This program includes all of the following:

  • 4 weekly emails delivering your menu plans, shopping lists, and recipes
  • 30 daily emails giving a tip, action step, or insight to help you kick sugars butt!
  • Membership to our 30-Day No Sugar Challenge Facebook Support Group
  • Access to your own nutritional therapist for 30 days.

When I work one-on-one with individuals all of this would cost more than $800

The only thing worse than failing is not trying at all. Don’t regret the weight loss trials and errors of the past. Invest in yourself TODAY. We believe you can do this, and we know we can help. 

Your nutritional therapist is your accountability partner: a rock who helps you tap into your inner strength. She stands for you and what you want to achieve. 

Step over the line and start The 30-Day No Sugar Challenge today!
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