Layer Up! 3 Tips For Wearing Dresses In The Winter

Layer Up! 3 Tips For Wearing Dresses In The Winter

If you dress up to work in an office setting, attend church regularly, or you just enjoy wearing dresses, winter can be a challenge. Cold legs and thin material are less than fun in freezing weather and wind. Picking the right style of dress as well as knowing what accessories can look good with your dresses while keeping you warm are all important aspects. Here are our three best tips for wearing dresses in the winter while staying comfortable.

1. Layers, Layers, Layers

The first thing that probably comes to mind is how to layer your dresses for winter so you can be warm, comfortable, and chic even when it’s cold outside. This is a great choice. No matter what length of dress you choose to wear, layers are key to staying warm. Tights can be layered under your dress to keep your legs warm. Cardigans and jackets can all be layered over your dress to keep your arm and body warm. While you’ll probably want to take a heavier coat off once you’re inside, you can continue to wear a cardigan and have it look really good and polished.

Another important consideration when layering your outfit is the type of bra you wear underneath. It’s important to choose a comfortable bra that provides adequate support without adding bulk or visible seams under your layers. A lightly padded bra, like Hsia’s smooth t-shirt bra, is a great option as it provides a seamless and natural look under your clothing while still providing the support you need. With its smooth cups and comfortable straps, you can feel confident and comfortable all day long, no matter how many layers you’re wearing. Make sure to check out Hsia’s selection of comfortable bras to find the perfect fit for your winter layering needs.

2. Pull Out a Maxi Dress

Maxi dresses are typically floor-length (or very close to it) so they offer a bit more coverage for your legs. If you are wearing one that covers your legs entirely and isn’t too tight, you can get away with a bit more. You can wear fleece-lined leggings underneath with more comfortable shoes. You need to try everything on and make sure it doesn’t look too layered. However, this can create a barrier against wind and cold even if your maxi dress is made from a thinner material. If you can’t get away with full leggings, a slip could also be a great way to stay warm.

3. Accessories Will Be Your Friend

Another great way to make a dress feel warmer in the winter is by utilizing accessories. Things like hats, scarves, and even gloves can be worn with a dress in a cute way. Pair a neutral-colored hat or beanie with your dress. You can also grab a hat that is the same color as an element of your dress, as well. When it comes to scarves, you can layer a traditional fall/winter scarf over your dress, or you can incorporate a fashion scarf. Fashion scarves probably won’t be as warm, but they might fit in better if you’re walking around inside. Gloves should be in a neutral color and a knit set is probably best. You’ll want to remove the gloves, though, once you’re at your destination and inside.

Bonus Tip

If you like fleece-lined leggings better than tights, there are some new leggings that look like sheer tights that you can buy on various websites. If you decide to wear these, you’ll need to style them with a closed-toe shoe like a pair of ankle boots. They’ll keep your bare legs nice and warm under your dress while still making you look put together.