New Soul Link App Can Help Us to Heal

There comes a time in our lives when we take stock of where we are and where we want our journey to take us and often this can lead to feelings of loss, isolation, and even depression.

This is why Dr. Dawn Ella, an expert in complementary and alternative medicine, is addressing this pressing issue by creating the groundbreaking Soul Link meditation app, which is kicking off with a festive launch party in Naples, Florida, on Monday, November 6.

One factor that makes this so timely is that there is a documented Mental Health Crisis affecting millions of Americans, which is characterized by anxiety, stress, depression, and feelings of isolation. It is an issue affecting millions of Americans.

According to a 2020 study from the American Psychological Association, (APA), the stress and trauma created by the pandemic and continuing today reveals that teens and younger adults are facing “unprecedented uncertainty,” experiencing elevated stress, and reporting symptoms of depression. 

Dr. Dawn Ella is addressing this pressing issue through her groundbreaking Soul Link App. This new cutting-edge platform serves as a catalyst for self-discovery, transcendence, and inner growth, and offers a potential solution to the growing mental health challenges.

Dr. Ella, the founder and creator of Soul Link, is a distinguished expert in complementary, integrative, and alternative medicine, as well as a Soul Physician, Soul Energy Healer, Doctor of Divinity, Doctor of Metaphysics, Inspirational Speaker, and Ordained Minister.

Her journey towards creating Soul Link began after a near-death experience in 2006. At the age of 30, she was involved in a traumatic accident that required using the jaws of life and resulted in her being in a coma for three days. Recovery from her brain trauma took years, which included re-learning how to walk.

Dr. Ella’s life story, marked by resilience and triumph over adversity, has cultivated her empathy toward others. She emphasizes the importance of service. “When I extend a helping hand to those seeking assistance,” she says, “I can make a positive difference in their lives.”

Dr. Ella’s motivation is her profound sense of gratitude for the opportunity to experience another day. “The joy of giving and making a positive impact on the lives of others is a powerful, driving force,” she said.

Quelling the Mental Health Crisis

With a majority of Americans reporting that they live in a high state of anxiety, isolation, loneliness, and depression, Soul Link is coming at the right time. It is here to give us the tools we need to combat this isolation and lead more harmonious lives.

While others shy away from difficult questions and topics focused on life, death, fear, love, spirituality, and healing, Dr. Ella runs toward them.

Dr. Ella’s commitment to service, gratitude, and creating positive change shines through Soul Link, which seeks to uplift one soul at a time, leaving a profound and lasting impact on individuals and the world at large.

As we navigate daily stresses, an increasing awareness of the worldwide mental health crisis is rapidly emerging. This is why Dr. Dawn Ella, a complementary medical expert and healer, is taking a new approach to help implement a self-care routine into our everyday lives.

Her revolutionary Soul Link App is specially designed to personalize activities to steer users towards the best version of themselves.

She knows that as difficulty arises in balancing these conflicts, finding time to mediate these issues through exercise, relaxation, and other forms of self-care can seem impossible.

The Soul Link App launches on Monday, November 6, complete with a festive and informative party in Naples, Florida, where Dr. Ella and her dedicated colleagues can share even more about the life-altering power of Soul Link, how it can be integrated into everyday living, and the benefits that can be derived from prioritizing yourself in a world that demands constant energy-draining catering to others. 

Winning the MUSE Creative and Design Award

The MUSE Creative and Design Awards, a leading competition that honors creative and design professionals, released the full list of winners for its second competitive season of 2023. The awards saw more than 10,000 entries submitted from across the world, all vying for a chance to be honored as a MUSE.

For this competitive season, Dr. Dawn Ella/Soul Link earned the Health and Wellness 2023 Gold Award. Dr. Dawn Ella created the work that earned her this landmark victory for Soul Link.

 “Winning the 2023 Gold MUSE Award for “Health and Wellness App” is not just an accolade; it’s a testament to the soulful dedication poured into every pixel and every note of Soul Link,” Dr. Ella recently.

“This recognition resonates deep within us, validating the countless hours of hard work, creativity, and passion we’ve invested over the years. Being celebrated on an international stage by the MUSE Creative Awards is not just an honor; it’s a nod to the transformative power of our app,” she adds.

“It means that our vision to craft a unique, immersive meditation experience has not only been seen but deeply appreciated,” Dr. Ella said. “This award isn’t just a milestone; it’s the wind beneath our wings as we launch the Soul Link App. It fuels our commitment to providing a sanctuary of peace and self-discovery for every user. We’re profoundly grateful and thrilled to share the Soul Link journey with the world!”