5 Ways to Stay Consistent in the Gym

5 Ways to Stay Consistent in the Gym

Finding and keeping a gym routine is never as easy as it looks. Many of us spend years of our lives in and out of the gym and never finding any consistency. The diet and fitness industry can be considered largely responsible for the poor relationships that many of us have with exercise. If you are ready to put that toxic mindset behind you, keep reading for some things you can do to actually stay consistent in the gym.

  1.     Set Realistic Goals

The first thing that you want to do when starting out a new gym routine is set realistic goals. Get membership of the best gym in Newcastle, but pre-define your goals first. It is all too common to dedicate yourself to more than you can reasonably handle at the start. But this can quickly lead to burn out and frustration when you can’t meet those goals. The best way to set yourself up for success is to be realistic about what you can achieve. If you know that you can only get to the gym three days a week, don’t tell yourself you need to be there five days for it to count. It is important to remember that some movement is always better than none. So even if you can only make it to the gym for 20 minutes a day, that is better than not going at all! Small victories and accomplishments are ok and you should feel proud when you have these moments.

  1.     Find a Workout that Works for You

The next thing you can do to help yourself stay consistent is to find a type of exercise that you like doing. If you despise running on the treadmill, then don’t do it! There are so many different ways to engage in physical activity so don’t force yourself to do something you hate. Try out as many things as you can to find something that works for you. Many gyms include the cost of classes in their monthly fees so you can try out things like spin classes, yoga or pilates.

Forcing yourself into doing things that you hate doing is a good way to fall out of a routine quickly. However, it is important to give different types of movement a real shot. Even if you can’t find anything that you absolutely love doing, you should give the things that you don’t outright hate a chance. It can take up to three months to develop a habit so stick with the things that you think you may be able to develop a good relationship with if nothing stands out to you right away.

  1.     Develop a Positive Relationship with Exercise

The most important thing that you are going to need to do to stay consistent in the gym is to develop a positive relationship with your exercise routine. Once you find a type of exercise that you like, then you need to work on the execution. It is important to understand that everyone is going to have days that will feel harder to keep up the routine. Sometimes you are going to have to tell yourself to go to the gym when you don’t necessarily want to. Even your average ‘gym rat’ will have days like this. But what will help you develop a positive relationship is knowing when to give yourself grace. It is ok to have days where you skip the gym. Whether that is because you don’t mentally or physically feel up to it, if you are sick, on vacation or you have a busier week than normal, it is ok to take some time off. If you are consistent, no progress will be lost in a week or two.

You can also make an effort to get into the mindset of exercise as self-care. Remind yourself that the gym is not a punishment, but a way to keep yourself feeling your best. The time you have at the gym is for you so try and enjoy it!

  1.     Set Yourself Up for Success

It never hurts to motivate yourself with some cute gym clothes, a new water bottle, or some pre workout. Kick off your new goals by making sure you have everything you need to kill it in the gym. That way you are able to focus on your workouts!

  1.     Eat Foods that Fuel You

One thing that people who are consistent in the gym are doing is eating the right kinds of food. In order to perform your best in the gym week after week, you need to make sure that you are getting enough calories. If you are trying to lose weight, make sure you are not in too severe of a deficit. Focus on healthy carbs and fats and lots of protein. And of course, eat fruits and vegetables in abundance.

Get in the Gym!

Follow these tips and you are sure to find a routine that not only works for you, but that you can stay consistent with in the long term. So eat your protein, drink your pre workout, and go out there and accomplish your goals!