7 Important Reasons Why Spinal Health is Important

7 Important Reasons Why Spinal Health is Important

You may not think about your spine very much unless you suddenly develop back pain. Then, you become aware of how important spinal health truly is. The spinal column is composed of small bones, cushioning disks, muscles, and tendons that all must work together efficiently to provide good movement. Here are just a few reasons why you should pay attention to maintaining good spinal health.

1- Spinal Health Gives You Good Posture

Healthy spinal alignment allows you to maintain good posture, which helps you to look better. The muscles, tendons, and ligaments that compose the spinal column support the spinal vertebrae. When these structures are strong and in good alignment, you hold your body in an attractive and well-supported position. Your clothing looks like it fits better, and you look taller and more confident in your physical presence.

2- Spinal Health Provides Good Balance For Your Activities

A strong, conditioned spine helps you to maintain a good balance for all that you do throughout the day. It helps you perform better in your athletic activities. But you don’t have to be an athlete to reap the balanced benefits of good spinal health. It can help to make everyday movement smoother and more flexible. It can even help you to avoid accidents that can lead to injuries.

3- Spinal Health Allows Free and Comfortable Movement

Maintaining your spinal health keeps your body moving freely and comfortably for all your activities. Your work tasks can be accomplished quickly and easily. Your recreational activities can be performed without discomfort.

4- Spinal Health Keeps Nerves Healthy and Pain-Free

Good spinal health can also help to prevent common problems with pinched nerves that can lead to chronic pain and poor mobility. Proper alignment keeps spinal vertebrae in their correct position, so nerves can function as they should.

5- Spinal Health Maintains Your Flexibility

Staying flexible can be a critical factor as you grow older. Unless you take an active approach for maintaining good spinal health, you may soon find that bending, twisting and turning movements may lead to poor flexibility and the risk of injuring your back.

6-Spinal Health Prevents Chronic Back Pain Problems

According to the World Health Organization, low back pain affects as many as 619 million people worldwide, with the greatest number of reported problems in the 50 to 55 years age group. Smoking, obesity, and lack of exercise are the main causes of low back problems. Good spinal health practices can help to avoid low back pain.

7- Spinal Health Prevents Pain in Other Parts of the Body

When the spine is out of alignment, muscles, tendons, and ligaments have to work harder to provide movement. This can lead to “referred” pain in other parts of the body. Keeping your spine healthy helps to distribute weight more evenly throughout the body, so you can avoid common aches and pains that result from inefficient movement.
Regular exercise and taking care of minor problems before they become larger spinal issues are critical to maintaining mobility. Your workouts and periodic chiropractic care can help to ensure good spinal health for all your activities.