5 Important Benefits of Starting Children on Balance Bikes

5 Important Benefits of Starting Children on Balance Bikes

A balance bike offers an intuitive, skill-building way for children to learn how to ride a bike. Unlike ordinary bikes, balance bikes don’t require kids to manage pedals. This design allows little riders to propel their bikes by pushing their feet against the sidewalk or pavement. The child stays in control! In addition to offering safety benefits, this may be a more developmentally appropriate way to ease into bicycling. Are you considering a balance bike for your child? Here’s a look at five benefits of starting kids on balance bikes.

1. Balance Bikes Are Excellent for Promoting Good Balance and Coordination

A balance bike gives a little one a chance to discover how to stay balanced in a low-stakes setting that doesn’t involve wheels that can send them flying at top speed! While on balance bikes, kids can learn how to move their feet and steer with their arms at the same time while staying perched on the bike. The best part is that kids get to explore using new muscles!

2. Balance Bikes Can Boost Spatial Awareness

The freedom that comes from moving around on a balance bike can be an important aspect of developing spatial awareness. As they tour a safe area under the supervision of an adult, a little rider is quickly developing their navigation skills to get where they’re going without bumping into obstacles. They are also refining their motor skills as they learn to take turns, change speed, and ride “in flow” with their surroundings.

3. Balance Bikes Build Confidence

Falling off your bike repeatedly can be discouraging! The struggles of trying to control a heavy bike with wheels often lead to nasty falls. This can create a negative association with riding a bike that makes kids want to avoid trying new things. The sense of control that kids get with a balance bike eliminates that out-of-control feeling that so many first-time riders experience when trying to ride bikes with wheels.

4. Balance Bikes Can Make the Transition to a “Big” Bike Smoother

Many parents are surprised when they need to teach their proficient riders how to ride their bikes all over again after removing training wheels! The traditional method of starting with training wheels can set kids up for frustration and disappointment. That’s because training wheels don’t actually teach kids how to properly attain balance while riding. With training wheels keeping the bike upright, kids don’t get a chance to develop critical safety and technical skills for balance, speed, and movement. It’s a bit like learning to ride a bike out of order. A balance bike doesn’t create these issues because riding one requires all of the same balance skills required for riding a pedal bike. The result is a much smoother, safer transition for kids!

5. Balance Bikes Are Fun

Like any bike, a balance bike provides hours of fun and exploration for little ones! Kids love that they can keep up with parents or older siblings at their own pace once they jump into the saddle. While a balance bike is intended to be a training bike, the truth is that these bikes are beloved by kids because they offer a new sense of freedom.