7 Reasons to Schedule a Massage When You Are Stressed

7 Reasons to Schedule a Massage When You Are Stressed

Stress is a condition you suffer when things are not aligned as expected. It can lead to insomnia, increased weight, body tension, poor texture, and, worse off, even a heart attack and dementia. However, having a regular massage can help you relieve stress. Here are seven reasons why you should schedule a massage when you are stressed.

1- Helps You with Sleep

Stress can lead to insomnia, and the more you have insomnia days, the more you get stressed, depressed, and on the verge of developing a mental illness. Yet, having a massage when you are stressed, especially before going to bed, can help you distress.

Once a masseur starts a deep massage from head to toe, your body releases serotine, and you start feeling good. The good feeling puts you to sleep slowly as pain decreases and blood starts circulating well.

2- Reduces Body Tension

Stress makes your body feel tense and muscles tight. But when you get a full body massage, the tension decreases because blood circulation improves. In turn, enhanced blood circulation leads to an increase in body temperature of your soft tissues, increasing tissue elasticity and reducing pain. After a few minutes, you start relaxing psychologically, and your stress disappears.

3- Improves Your Skin, Look and Feel

When you’re stressed out for days, your skin starts undergoing inflammation. At this point, your glands start producing more oil, leading to acne, slow wound healing, and a change of skin color. Therefore, when you have a full body massage, the therapist creates friction between their hands, the oil, and your skin. The friction exfoliates your skin, allowing you to have new, fresh skin after a massage shower.

As earlier mentioned, massage will help you to release body tension and relax your body and skin muscles. Blood will also circulate efficiently, reducing your wrinkles and improving its appearance.

4- Helps Related Diseases

Stress can lead to some serious diseases such as heart attack, mental issues, and generally a low immunity system. Having a massage regularly can help you fight these diseases as it reduces stress. It will boost your immune system and flush out all toxins that inhibit proper blood flow. It will increase your white blood cells activity and help you fight diseases.

5- Reduces Stress and Stress-Eating

When you are stressed, your body releases adrenaline and cortisol since you get frequent panic attacks. These hormones arouse your sugar and carbs craving. You find yourself eating a lot of junk food and soft drinks, which leads to weight gain. Having regular massages can make you relax and relieve stress, thus curbing adrenaline and cortisol release. Routine massage will help you have the urge to eat and drink nutritious things for a healthy body.

6- Eases Stress Tension 

Stress can weigh you down and make you lie all day. Your muscles become stiff, and you lack the energy to do things. Yet, having a massage at least twice a week can rekindle your energy as it enhances blood circulation and eases your muscle tension.

7- Boosts Your Memory

Stress blocks your brain’s normal function, and you forget many important things. A regular head massage helps your brain to release tension, relax, and minimize your stress levels. This occurs after blood is circulated to the brain, stimulating endoenzyme, which aids in eliminating stress and body pain.