8 Must-Know Safety Tips for Chicago Truckers

Chicago is one of the most difficult and demanding cities to drive in. However, for commercial truckers, the challenges are two-fold. For this reason, all truckers traveling through Chicago must remind themselves of safety tips and tricks. Here are eight must-know safety tips for Chicago truckers in 2023: 

1. Stay Alert

When you’re on the road in Chicago, IL, you need to have a hyper-aware mind at all times. As a trucker, you know that a moment’s hesitation could lead to major consequences, after all. By avoiding unnecessary distractions, and paying attention to all of the behaviors of the drivers around you, you make the road safer for yourself, and everyone else on the road. For commercial truckers, this becomes that much more important and can make or break their ability to deliver their payload on time. 

2. Stay Prepared

Even if you’re the most responsible and skilled truck driver out there, accidents can and do happen. For this reason, you’ll need to have a plan for any moment where you find yourself in an accident, or when you have to pull over for repairs. In the unfortunate scenario where your driving, or another driver’s driving, causes an accident, you must have legal help to back you up. In these moments, contacting a professional truck accident lawyer to guide you through your next moves is crucial. 

3. Stay Informed

To stay safe on Chicago’s busy roads, you’ll need a solid idea of what’s going on in terms of weather, parades, and other non-road behavior. After all, if the rain starts pouring down in combination with Chicago’s legendarily strong winds, driving your commercial truck might become incredibly dangerous. Taking the time to avoid inclement weather is every commercial trucker’s responsibility. And the fact that trucker recklessness fines in Chicago are quite steep makes it even more important that you stay informed about events and weather that might impact your ability to drive in Chicago safely. 

4. Stay Plugged-In

Speaking of staying informed, you must always have your modern GPS systems, alert systems, and trucker communication systems turned on (and audible) as you’re driving in Chicago. Traffic can change immensely at a moment’s notice, after all, so you’ll be able to drive much more efficiently by staying plugged-in. Having a hands-free way of using these devices is also incredibly important, as you’ll need your full efforts and attention placed on the busy Chicago roadways at all times. 

5. Stay Respectful

In addition to being safe, truckers should always aim to be respectful. Especially in the crowded streets of Chicago, acting respectfully benefits everyone. You’ll have an easier time passing, turning, and stopping if you’re driving in a reasonable, thoughtful manner. Additionally, be sure to stay friendly with anyone who may look at your ability to drive a commercial truck with awe (especially young folk). You’re a representative of one of America’s most essential, crucial industries, after all. 

6. Stay Stable

To drive a commercial truck effectively, you need your full wits. If you’re feeling emotionally unwell, or physically unwell, you could put everyone around you in danger (including yourself) by getting onto Chicago’s roadways. Finding a way to avoid this scenario is one of your top responsibilities as a Chicago trucker. If you’re feeling as though you’re being pressured to get on the road by a boss, when you know you’re unwell, you should speak to a trusted truck accident lawyer to seek advice. 

7. Stay Sober

While it may seem like a no-brainer, the hard facts of life show that some truckers fail to follow this crucial rule. In Chicago, driving a commercial truck while intoxicated can lead to major fines, jail time, and worse. Because truck accidents can be so devastating, you could easily end up killing someone if you decide to get behind the wheel while under the influence of a controlled substance or alcohol. If you’re struggling with an addiction that’s making it difficult for you to avoid this deadly situation, you should join a support group that can help you reclaim your life and happiness. 

8. Stay Up-to-Date on Maintenance

Nothing can ruin a trucker’s day like a mechanical malfunction. Not only do they cause dangerous moments as you try to get to the side of the road, or take back control of your truck, but truck repairs are downright expensive. By staying up-to-date on all your maintenance needs, you’ll save lots of money in the long run, and stay much safer on Chicago roads as you complete your routes.